Feb. 22, 2003

Recap?|? Box Score

February 22, 2003

GW 76
La Salle 67

Postgame Quotes

GW Coach Karl Hobbs
"We were a team desperately in need of a win. In our last game against Duquesne we were not mentally ready to do battle. We wanted to make sure that we didn't do the same thing at home. The last time we played La Salle was our worst performance of the year. So this game was important for a lot of different reasons."

on the importance of getting many players involved with the scoring
"It says something about the character of [Tamal Forchion and Greg Collucci]. Tamal has been through a lot this year, and he's had to battle through the injury and is still not 100 percent. But he keeps playing hard and lets me coach him. He's starting to believe in what we're trying to do here as a basketball team...I also can't say enough about Greg. It takes a lot when you play 32 minutes last year, and now his role has changed. Those minutes you come in and shots you take are so critical...His mental toughness is really starting to show. I'm playing him more because of his defense. It's been terrific, even though his shooting isn't always as good."

on Chris Monroe's limited minutes
"We had a nice rhythm. It's about team and winning basketball games. Today, he didn't have a typical "Chris Monroe game"--not because he played badly, but other guys stepped up and played well...My focus for this team isn't at the offensive end. We're going to put 65, 70 points on the board. My concern is what we're going to do defensively, consistently? What are we going to do rebounding? And are we going to take care of the basketball?"

on TJ Thompson
"He was just fantastic today. You can see the mental growth, with him understanding time and score. He always knew where his teammates were when he penetrated, he always hit the right guy. ...It was wonderful to see him take care of the mental part of the game, where he was the thinker out there and not just some guy running around. He made sure the right guys got the right shots at the right times...At one point today, he penetrated and made everybody in the stands think he was going to shoot the ball, and BI-YOW! right over to Collucci for the 3!"



on the team's composure during a physical game
"We got Pops out of there, and Tamal showed so much maturity and restraint during the entire game. He never let the trash talking, elbows, or whatever it was get to him. He remained calm and stayed focused on what was important-to get rebounds and play defense, and finish plays. Pops showed some immaturity, which is fine; he's a young guy and those things happen. But La Salle and us are like carbon copies of each other, and we're both teams that are on the rise in the conference."

on the next game at St. Bonaventure
"It'll be a tough game, and my first time up there. I've gotta lean on my cagey veteran Greg Collucci to tell me about that a little bit. But I think it will come down to us taking care of the basketball and controlling shots from the 3-point line. If we can do that, we'll have success up there."

Tamal Forchion
"When I got in, I just wanted to make the most of the time I had in there. Fortunately, I did pretty well. Coach believed in me and kept me in the game. And that's how I had the night that I had."

on whether he worries about re-injuring his ankle
"I try not to think about it, but sometimes it just gets to you. Sometimes I have flashbacks to the day that it happened, and then I start to think about the 'what ifs'. I can't dwell on it; I just have to move on."

Greg Collucci
"This was a good win to get at home because we have a tough stretch ahead of us on the road. We have a six-day road trip beginning with St. Bonaventure, which everybody in the Atlantic 10 knows is no fun, and then Xavier. So we needed to take care of the ones at home."

on the importance of winning at home
"The students are right on top of you here, not like at a lot of other places. And it looked like it can really get under the other players' skin sometimes. They do a good job of supporting us, and nobody wants to go into anybody else's building. It's tough to win away from home."