Feb. 23, 2002

Recap?|? Box Score

February 23, 2002

Richmond 49
GW 53

Post-Game Comments

Richmond Coach John Beilein
"Anybody who's a GW fan should be proud of the way they bounced back after a long month. They played great tonight, and they played tremendous defense. We didn't play so well, and it's because of GW. They really played well."

"They're a quick basketball team, they're one of the quicker ones in the league. It's hard to respond if you're guard play isn't outstanding, and it wasn't today. We started the game with some turnovers, and Reggie [Brown] had a tough day, so it's tough to respond when people really come after you."

"It was a very physical game, and the officials allowed it to be very physical...It was the most physical game that we've had as far as what was and was not allowed. That probably isn't a good sign for us in games because we are so skinny and slow."

[on defending Chris Monroe]:
"He has a great ability to draw a lot of fouls, getting in the lane very strong. He's on a mission to get the basketball...He has tremendous quickness and ability to shoot. He's a very good player."

GW Coach Karl Hobbs:
"I feel very, very excited for the players. They deserve a win. One of the things we talked about today is that at the last game, the fans and students hung in there while we got a pretty good whupping. I told the players that there's no way we can let these fans come back today to watch this game, and we don't give them a win. We played for our fans, we played for our seniors, and we wanted to make sure we gave a tremendous effort today."

[on preparing for Richmond after Thursday's loss]:
"We knew every play they run in their motion offense. We were very prepared for their zone, and we handled it very well. But then at the end, they went man-to-man, and we struggled with it. But our preparation and focus was as good as it's been for quite a long time. We knew we had to play an entire 40 minutes to win today."



[on Greg Collucci's defense]:
"It was tremendous because he had the intensity, which is something that he needs to bring every day. He can ill-afford not to have that because he doesn't have the athleticism to take the night off or go as hard as he can on every possession."

"I thought we grew a little bit today in terms of our execution, particularly on offense. When they made the run, we stood up. We didn't break down, we didn't panic, we didn't play like an inexperienced team. That was the difference."

[on why Albert Roma did not start his last home game]:
"It really was a dilemma for me...I didn't get a good night's sleep, and that was one of the things that really bothered me. All the way up until game time, I really wasn't sure what I was going to do about starting Albert. but I knew I had to get him into the game."

[on Chris Monroe]
"He was magnificent. He did what your best player has to do for you. He has to rebound, he has to block shots, he has to defend--he has to do all of those things. The thing that I'm never concerned about with Chris Monroe is scoring points. My biggest concern is him doing the little things that help you win....I read him a quote from Romain Sato before the Xavier game, who said that when the played GW here, Chris Monroe had 25 points. Going into that game, Sato said that he was going to guard Chris and make sure he doesn't have that kind of night again. I told Chris, 'That's what you have to do for us.' And that's what he did tonight. I'm really happy for him and the way he played. I thought he was the difference in the game, without question."

"After the game, I told the team that our motto for the rest of the season is 'to become of one mind.' Tonight, we did that. The other thing was how excited I was for them, for Jaason, and how proud I was that after a 10-game losing streak, they played as hard as they could and that they were appreciative of the student body for coming out and sticking with them."

Jaason Smith:
"[The win] was great because we all played together...Nobody was looking for his points. It was definitely a team, collective group. I'm just happy because we definitely stopped the bleeding. It was gushing a little bit, but we stopped it."

[on going into the Fordham game and the A10 tournament]:
"Like Coach said, we just have to take one practice at a time, one game at a time. We concentrated very hard on Richmond yesterday. Now we have a whole week to concentrate on Fordham, and go in there and play hard with the same team effort that we did today."

[on playing defense against Richmond]:
"That's a very tough team to guard. One way to rattle them a little bit is to get physical. I'm not sure Richmond handled the physical nature of the game well."

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