March 3, 2007

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March 3, 2007

Duquesne 80
@ GW 88

Postgame comments

GW Coach Karl Hobbs

Comment on how this team performed this season. You must be very proud.

"I really am. We got a little spoiled last season by Omar Williams, Mike Hall, and Pops Mensah-Bonsu. They came in and got knocked around, but four years later, they were the bullies on the block. This year, Rob Diggs and Dokun Akingbade were our only inside guys. So our concern was how we were going to match up with teams. This team got more out of what it had than any other team here in a while."

How do you feel about the team going into the A-10 tournament?

"I feel pretty good, particularly about our rebounding. I'm really hoping we continue to do that. And it was really important for us to finish in the top 4 because of our lack of depth. We're going to need that extra rest. I couldn't imagine us winning four games in a row. Winning three games will be difficult, but putting ourselves in that position will help our chances tremendously."

Why did Maureece Rice see only limited action?

"His grandmother passed away last night, and it was really tough for him today emotionally. He had a lot of things coming at him today. I wasn't even sure he'd be able to play today."

Comment on Carl Elliott's role in rebuilding the program.



"When you look at his career, he helped take the program to another level. He's done it in fine fashion and carried himself in a great way. He has a lot of basketball left after college. I'll be watching him making great plays in the NBA. He has the size, strength, skills, and moxie to play in that league. He's right there with all the NBA-caliber players I've recruited and coached."

"Carl has contributed in all the ways we needed, whether it was rebounding or scoring. And he's every coach's dream. He comes in and works hard. He and TJ Thompson are the only two guys I've coached at GW who never had a bad effort day in practice. That's what separates him from a lot of other guys, and that's why he'll be playing at the next level."

Can GW make the NCAAs if it reaches the final of the A-10 tournament?

"I truly believe that if we get to the final game, we'll be in the discussions. This team has done enough to deserve consideration."

GW G Carl Elliott

What does it mean to you to have been 47-5 at Smith Center during your career?
"It means a lot. We've had some great teams in those years. And to have lost only 5 gaves in that time is huge."

Where does the `06-07 team rank with the others you've played on?

"I think we could do the same things as those teams. We had some young guys who came in and learned their roles. I think we're right there with those guys."

GW F Regis Koundjia

What has it been like for you since transferring from LSU?

"It's been good for me, because I've never been around a genuine team. It seemed like at LSU, we always lost. But I come here and we have two 20-win seasons. Today, I wanted to come in and play hard the whole way, and that's what I did."

Duquesne Coach Ron Everhart

Opening statement

"Our guys fought real hard today. I thought they gave a good effort. We just got outmanned, especially on the glass late in the game. You have to give GW a lot of credit, their big kids especially. Not only did they do it on the boards, they also kept us at arm's length. It seemed like we couldn't get it below 5 or 3. Every time we got there, one of their guys made a play. If they didn't make a play on the boards, they made a big free throws in tough situations."

Did you expect the game to be so physical?

"I was concerned that it was so physical, and our guards didn't have the opportunity to pressure the ball more today. Picking up fouls on the floor with a small team like ours--that's always tough for us. Our guards have to be able to pressure the ball a little bit, or we're not very effective."

How do you feel abut your team's ability to play a game like this?

"I thought it showed that our guys are in real good shape. We still had our legs, and our bounce. We actually got some offensive rebounds late in the game, which we haven't done much of in the past. I was a little disppointed that we had some open shooters on the side of their 1-3-1, and missed some real good opportunities. Everytime you miss a shot and don't get a rebound on the offensive glass, GW makes you pay for it."

"You have to give [GW] a lot of credit. They're tough, their guards are quick, they shoot the perimeter shot. They've got every tool in the shed. There are going to be a lot of people in the Atlantic 10 tournament who don't want to see these guys because they're capable of winning this thing in a big way."

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