March 10, 2007

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Post-Game Quotes

Semifinal Game 2

George Washington Head Coach Karl Hobbs

I thought that (Tommie) Lidell and (Kevin) Lisch, clearly are the best two guards we've played this far. I thought that we really paid attention to detail, particularly on the defensive end. We wanted to make sure that the game played at our pace, and we were able to really extend our defense, really force a great deal of turnovers, and allow us to score in transition. So we're obviously excited about being back in the championship game, and we're looking forward to tomorrow's game.

I think that was a difference in the basketball game. It gave us that opportunity that in the first half I think we got up something like 30 shots. We didn't make very many of them, but our defense won today. Between the turnovers, and I thought we were once again able to get some shots in transition. In the half court they're pretty much like St. Joe's. They're really solid and they really make you execute. They really make you have to score tough baskets. We really struggled in the half court. Our defense and our transition game were the difference.

I think what we wanted to do tonight...this was their third game...We said and we felt it was important for us to pretty much pressure them the whole game. We went in at halftime, and we told the guys, don't worry about your offense, what we want to do is just wear them down. Just keep coming at them offensively, keep moving the ball, don't take quick shots. Let's wear them down on the offense end by moving the ball making them chase us, and on the defensive end just continue to trap, continue to make plays so they can't throw the ball to the big fellow. Once he gets it inside, there's virtually nothing we can do but foul him.

GW junior guard Maureece Rice

- On playing up tempo tonight

We basically said that we were going to stay pressing them, and cause turnovers, and that's what we did. So we stayed in all our 13 and 55 (defense) that cause turnovers so we could run an uptempo game.

GW senior guard Carl Elliott

- On playing uptempo tonight

That's our style of play, we've been playing like that. Us pressing and getting up and down the court that's what we wanted to do. We wanted to get to playing our type of basketball game, and that's what we did.

- On the feeling of getting this far

It's not over yet. We have one more game. The people that said we wouldn't get this far, we took that as motivation.



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