GW 88, UNC Wilmington 85 (OT)

March 16, 2006

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NCAA Tournament First Round
Greensboro, NC; Greensboro Coliseum
March 16, 2006 - Post-Game Press Conference Quotes

Opening remarks
HOBBS: It was a great game by UNC Wilmington. We knew going into the game that they were a terrific basketball team and knew that it would take us playing our best game, us giving our best effort, and us leaving everything out on the court. They're a well coached team and if you look at what they shot for the game, it's amazing that we were able to will ourselves to this game. I thought we played our hearts out, we never gave up, and played hard on every possession.

On keeping the team positive during the large deficit
HOBBS: We have been in this situation before. We're a very experienced team and it's great that the country had an opportunity to finally see GW play. We were down 16 or 17 at Marshall, we were down 17 at Xavier, so we're used to being in these types of situations. The resiliency and the will to win is just incredible and I think it speaks very well to the character of my players.

On his team's ability to rally all season
HOBBS: It's been a combination of a few things. It's been the combination of our pressure and if guys believe (they can win) at some point during the game, we're going to get you. Once we were able to get the game within five or six, our offense began to take over. Then we started to execute and move the ball. I thought we did a terrific job on the offensive glass. Omar Williams, I thought he was fantastic down the stretch, particularly with his rebounding.

On recent attention to the program being a distraction
HOBBS: The team didn't focus on it at all, but it did bother me a great deal, particularly in the A-10 Tournament. It did bother my focus and it did take me a little bit away from my team, in all honesty. Coming into the NCAA Tournament, we were totally focused on what we needed to do to win. The only thing we talked about was our dreams. That's something we talked about at the very beginning of our season and that's all we focused on.



On getting the first George Washington NCAA win in many years
HOBBS: We have dreams and we're just trying to fulfill our dreams. I can't tell you when the last time we won in the NCAA Tournament. All I know is we set goals for ourselves, we have dreams, and we're just trying to live and follow our dreams. That's it and that's all we're focused on. We can't tell you about anything in the past.

This team is very focused. They're very hungry and we're just trying to fulfill our dreams.

On what was said during a key second-half timeout
We were just firing each other up. We were just telling each other what we were doing wrong. We just tried to make sure we did the right things to correct it. We're a real good team as far as chemistry is concerned. We're real close so we can say if somebody is not doing something right. We can tell them. That's what we were doing. We never got away from the team. We just kept it together and we were able to pull it out.

On returning from a knee injury
Coming in I was kind of tentative because I haven't played in a few weeks. It's been awhile since I have been in that type of situation, as far as a five-on-five and being in the game. To come back in a game like this, you think it would be kind of tough, but once the game started, I felt at ease. I think once I hit my first shot I felt pretty good and was able to get into the flow pretty good. I think my conditioning was a factor but I think coach (Karl) Hobbs did a good job of keeping me fresh and taking me in and out of the game.

On what coach Karl Hobbs said when team was down 18
He just reminded us that we've been here before several times during the regular season. It was nothing new to us. He told us to stay together and keep playing hard and eventually we'll turn it around, and that's what we did.

On playing such a dramatic game
We have those kinds of games all the time as a team. We were down 17 down at Xavier, and (the) lead we were down here really wasn't really too bad for us. We just stuck together and made it happen.

On tying the game with two free throws at the end of regulation
I'm never nervous, you know I'm 'Big Shot Elliott,' in case you guys didn't know. (he said jokingly) I wasn't nervous, I just had to knock the shots down.

On the possibility of playing Duke
I'm excited about it. You can't go into a big game playing Duke, or some other big program, and not be excited about it. We're the little guys, so we live for these types of games.

We've seen them so many times on TV, we pretty much know their game. I'm a big fan of their program.

On guarding UNC Wilmington
They all can shoot, so it was kind of hard, especially when they have guys start penetrating. You kind of got stuck in whether you wanted to help or you wanted to stay at home. If you help, they knock down the three and if you stay at home they got a lay-up. We just stayed together and we were able to come back.