Nov. 8, 2003

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GW 97 Universal All-Stars 74

Post-game quotes
GW Coach Karl Hobbs

On Tamal Forchion's absence "He's been hurt all wee, but he did practice yesterday. He's pulled something...I'm not sure exactly what. He's going to have to play himself back into the rotation. Only he knows how long he'll be out."

On the use of different rotations tonight
"I like to play that way. It's a very difficult way to play, but we're going to give it a shot. I hope the guys will perform at a level that allows me to play that many guys."

On the excessive 1st half turnovers
"That was a product of having a lot of young guys. We're a team where everybody handles the ball. Some of those turnovers were a lack of focus, some were flat our carelessness, some were overanxiousness."

On the improved defense in the second half.
"Early in the 2nd half, we stepped up the defense and the pressure. We didn't allow them to reverse the ball as quickly. In the 1st half, some of our turnovers created easy baskets and we didn't get a chance to defend them. If you take away a few of them, their shooting percentage would've been less, but obviously I was very displeased with that percentage."

On the improvements needed before they start playing for real
"We have to continue to improve on the defensive end. Our interior defense needs to be better. And though we need to play with a little bit more poise, we have to play with a little more patience on offense and execute better. And we definitely have to cut down on turnovers. We still do a good job of rebounding, especially on the offensive glass."

"If we can consistently play defense and really hold teams down, that will dictate our whole season. The one thing I feel pretty certain about is we're going to score points in so many different ways. Our problem is, can we get stops when we need them? It's as simple as that."



J.R. Pinnock
On his role with the team this year
"I just want to bring energy to my team, whether it's on the floor and I have to pick it up on defense or get a dunk. If that's a leader, that's what I want to be."

On the 22 turnovers tonight
"At times it was just being anxious, at others it was being the first game. I think I ended up with 3, but it's my first college game ever. I can't lie to you, I had some butterflies in my stomach. I got the ball on my first play, and I turn it over. I can't speak for the other guys, but for me [playing college basketball] was a dream come true, so I was a little nervous."

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