Nov. 14, 2002

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GW vs. Universal All-Stars

Post-Game Quotes

GW Coach Karl Hobbs

"Overall, we played pretty well. In the first half, we had some tremendous looks and the ball just didn't go down, though I thought we took some good shots. We just couldn't seem to make a shot. But we didn't panic and we continued to play defense. The defense was solid enough that we didn't allow them to get a run on us that we would have such a big lead to overcome."

"The two things that I'm most pleased about are that we shot extremely well from the free-throw line and we did a terrific job against a physical, tough team on the backboard."

[on the lower number of turnovers in this game] "We went from 28 to 15. If we can take care of the ball like that, we'll be in good shape."

[on the large amount of perimeter shots] "That's one of the things we have to work on. Although we have some size, we are still a perimeter-shooting team. We're not getting the ball inside enough. We've got guys who can really post-up and score in that area. When we did get the ball inside to Pops [Mensah-Bonsu] in the second half, he was very effective. He was very tough to deal with."

[on the extensive substitutions] "I hope to be able to do a lot of that this season. Guys have got to continue to play well and force me to play them. If we can maintain that all year and get a good solid rotation going, we have a chance to be effective. In the early part of the season, we're going to rely on Chris Monroe to carry us, particularly when we're strugging scoring. He did that tonight when we struggled to score in the first half until the young guys came around a little bit. But I like the fact that we're able to play that number of guys. Everyone who went into the game was productive. We didn't seem to lose momentum or enthusiasm when we made a sub."



[on T.J. Thompson's limited playing time] "He had two fouls so I sat him down because I didn't want him to pick up his third. I really fear playing without him. The team held up the for long enough for us to keep him on the bench that long. We're not a very good team if T.J. Thompson plays just 17 minutes."

[on Mike Hall] "Mike is really playing like a sophomore right now. He's really emerging into being one of our better players. He also showed a tremendous amount of leadership out there. When freshmen come out and give you double figure rebounds and points, I think he has the potential to be a special player."

[Is GW ready for UConn?] "Not yet. First I have to meet with the athletic director to see if we can get that student section that was great tonight and fly them up to Connecticut and put some Colonials shirts on them. Then we have to shore up our defense and tighten up our offense. There were too many times where we looked confused and guys were in the wrong spots, and a big guy tried to throw the ball to Collucci in the post. If we can make a half-court game with Connecticut, we'll have some success."\

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