Nov. 14, 2006

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November 14, 2006

GW 94
Dartmouth 49

Post-game comments

GW Coach Karl Hobbs
What do you see in Carl Elliott after the first two games?
"I see a good player, a guy who's worked very hard over the summer, and is a very focused basketball player. And I see a guy who understands what we want from him. And he's taken on that responsibility and handled himself very well."

On the play of Regis Koundjia:
"I thought he really bounced back after struggling offensively against Boston University. Today, he played with more poised, he settled down and wasn't rushing his offense. He let the game come to him. He has to continue to play that way."

On Noel Wilmore's career-high points total:
"I think he's coming along. He didn't play so well defensively in our first game. Tonight, he looked comfortable and confident. The guys did a great job of creating plays, allowing him to have space to get to a shot, and he made them."

What did you tell the team at halftime?
"We wanted to correct a few things. We wanted to make sure we didn't allow middle penetration first and foremost. And when we switched, we didn't want to switch Robert and Dokun so they wound up guarding the litting guys. And we talked about our post defense, and not allow ourselves to be posted up. Otherwise I was pleased. I don't recall us scoring 52 points in the first half, and I liked seeing us play every possession with speed and a sense of urgency. And we weren't turning the ball over; we were very controlled in that stretch."

Senior G Carl Elliott
Do you have more responsibility on the team this year?
"Yes, being one of three seniors on the team, there's a lot of responsibility being a leader for the rest of the team."



Did you expect to be able to score like this so quickly?
"I didn't, honestly. But the shots kept falling so all the work I did during the summer paid off. I shot the ball with confidence and it dropped."

Dartmouth Coach Terry Dunn

What did you think of the way GW came out?
"They came out the way we anticipated--pressure, they shot the ball extremely well...and they kept us on our heels defensively. We had limited possessions, and we gave them a few too many possessions with turnovers."

How does GW compare with UMass, who you played last week?
"There are some similarities. I thought GW applied the pressure with the 1-3-1 a little more than UMass. They put pressure on us the entire possession. I thought UMass had a pretty good offensive team, but GW has some shooters too. Elliott and Rice are two of the best guards in the country in my mind."

Does this game prepare you for the rest of your schedule?
"You hope games like this prepare you because we understand the level of competition. But, there's a delicate line between confidence and psyche. If you're unsuccessful like we've been in the past two games, that could hurt you as far as confidence is concerned. I think GW is a very good team; it's hard to evaluate where we are as a team....This schedule has showed us our weaknesses, and we need to work on those weaknesses. We knew what we were getting into when we drew up this schedule."

Do you plan to make any changes to your team's structure?
"Coming into the game, our plan was not to try and run with GW. We wanted to try and run some clock. But when there's pressure on each possession, you have to choose your poison--either take the best available shot, or risk the possibility of a turnover, and we have a limited number of ball handlers on our team."

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