Nov. 15, 2003

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November 15, 2003

GW 87 (Exhibition)
EA Sports 64

Post-game quotes

EA Sports Coach Phil Bryant
"Athletically, they are as good as anybody. That includes Wake Forest, Duke, Maryland, Florida, and all of those. They're very athletic top to bottom."

"They're not as skilled in perimeter shooting, that may hurt them down the road...But their transition game is exceptional, they get after it defensively and play really hard."

"The telling factor will be their ability to have a true post player inside who can take some pressure off, and the ability to knock down the perimeter shot. Athletically, they're with everybody."

GW Coach Karl Hobbs
on the progress of the team's defense "It's improving. A good indication is that we played a pretty good team today, yet we were able to hold them to 35 percent. I honestly believe that if we're going to be successful this year, we've got to be able to play defense and really defend. If we do that and take care of the basketball, we're going to be fine."

on J.R. Pinnock
"It's nice when you have a freshman who comes in and does the things he did today. He gave us a lot of energy on the defensive end. He does a great job of getting out on the break, and he did a terrifc job of attacking the glass. I'm very pleased with all the young guys, particularly in the 2nd half. They really played very, very hard defensively."

on the team's depth
"We're going to have a strong T.J. [Thompson] at the end of games. Not having that hurt us last year because he had to play so many minutes. There was so much of a burden on him. And he was the only creative guy with the ball. Obviously, our depth is going to take a large burden off TJ, but we're still going to need him to score and hit the big 3s. And at the end of games is where we need him to be strong and make good decisions."



on preparing for the season opener against Charlotte
"Our challenge there is how well we can defend their perimeter guys. If we can do that, we'll have some success. We've not been a great team on the road, so that's an area that concerns us--to go on the road and be able to win. If we take care of the ball and don't allow them to get easy baskets off our turnovers, I think we'll be fine down there."

"Our depth is an asset and most other teams won't have that. In the past two games, we've been able to exhaust the other team. The thing with Charlotte is that they'll run, they'll gun, they'll throw up the 3s. This is our personality, this is how we're going to try and play evey single opposed to last year when we had to go with a different game plan every time. This is the first year that we'll be able to play the true way I want to play."

T.J. Thompson
"It is fun [having so many other offensive weapons]. This year, it's more creative. If I penetrate, I can kick it out and someone else can penetrate. This year, it's going to be more exciting."

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