Nov. 18, 2006

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November 17, 2006

GW 74
Longwood 60

Postgame comments

GW Coach Karl Hobbs
How did you feel about the other players stepping up when Carl Elliott wasn't scoring? "That's the difference that's going to help us win these types of games--when Carl is not having his best night and we can rely on Maureece and Robert to step up and the other guys can make shots. There are going to be nights when he's not shooting well. That's when we rely on our defense and rely on the other guys to step up and make shots."

What did you focus on going into this game.
"We wanted to contain them and prevent penetration. We felt that we could turn them over and get them out of their offense. In the first half, it seemed like every shot they put up was going to go in. Give them a lot of credit."

Did GW's style of play help wear them down?
"I thought that was the difference in tonight's game. They got tired and the pace of the game wore them down, especially the intensity we had at the start of the second half. They shot 29 percent in the second half and 0 for 7 from the 3. Our defense was very, very good."

Will you use the 4-guard line-up against some of the bigger teams you'll be playing?
"We're going to have to because that's who we are now. The good part is that we have 4 guys out there who are good at handling the ball and that makes it difficult to guard us."

Did you expect to see Rob Diggs' offensive production as a starter this season so quickly?
"Yes we did. Yesterday, we put in two plays particularly for Rob because he's been scoring well in games and in practice. I think he's about 10 pounds away from being a phenomenal player. We're really trying to get him more shots. I'm pretty sure he's going to come knocking at my door asking me to run more of his sets."

Have you learned things about the team that have surprised you?
"It appears that we have great character and have a little extra fight in us, which is what I like. But once again, but we have to get consistent. Against Dartmouth, we played 40 great minutes. I can't remember a bad possesison. Tonight we had a few breakdowns...Those are the little things that we have to correct and improve on, but we're still a ways away."



GW F Rob Diggs

Was the speed of tonight's game conducive to your style?
"It's real conducive. The way they play, and the way we play--fast, full speed--that's the way I like to play. That's one of the reasons I came here. If you can find me getting through the defense and pick me out, I'm going to do what I can do."

Can you feel when a team is wearing down?
"Yes I can feel the team kind of dragging off us. If we get a break or something, you'll see the players on the other team slowing down, walking, and just stand back watching what we do."

What did you learn from Mike Hall, Omar Williams, and Pops Mensah-Bonsu that's helping you this year?
"They are are great guys and taught me a lot of things. They taught me how to play through bad nights. As long as I keep my head and play hard, things are going to come to me. Good things happen, and that's what I've been working on."

What did you do inthe offseason to prepare for your increased role on the team?
"I played every day, tried to get quicker and work on my outside game, and just tried to do things that I'd have to do when I stepped on the court this year."

Longwood Coach Mike Gillian

What did you do successfully to slow GW down in the first half?
"I don't know if you can say we slowed them down. For whatever reason, they missed a lot of shots early on....We shot 54 percent, we rebounded the ball well, we didn't turn it over too many times, we didn't give them too many easy opportunities for shots, and we had the lead. In the second half, we missed some shots, they got a lot more offensive rebounds and tip-ins, and that led to the result."

Did you design your defensive gameplan to stop Carl Elliott?
"We're not shell-shocked by anybody, having played some high-level competition. Our guys aren't shell-shocked. We don't say, `Hey, this is Carl Elliott, we need to stop him.' We're well aware of the abilities of these guys, and can draw on our past experience against [other elite players] so they know what to expect."

Do you think Rob Diggs has a post presence?
"I haven't seen enough of him to say that but he certainly is a factor...He went 8 for 11 tonight, and if he got 6 offensive rebounds and scored on tip-ins, that's a post presence against us. Other people may have more success against him, but if he can continue to play like that, you have an X factor that's certainly going to help George Washington win a lot of games.

Did anybody on GW impress you tonight?
"If you had asked me before I came in here how many points Rob Diggs had, I would have had no idea. But looking at his stats, that's great. I know how good Maureece Rice is; I've watched him for a long time. And I know how good Carl Elliott is. Those guys are impressive because they don't get out of control of what they are doing. They're under control, the shot selection is good, they pull th denfense for scoring opportunities...That's well-coached basketball. Not only are they good, but their teammates are good. Overall, they were impressive."

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