Nov. 20, 2004

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NCAA MEN'S BASKETBALL November 20, 2004

GW 94 Morgan State 70

Postgame comments

GW Head Coach Karl Hobbs
on the difference between the first and second half

"I knew that this would be a difficult game and that we would have to work today. I knew they were going to have some poise on offense, I knew they would stay within their offensive schemes, and that it would take 40 minutes to win this game today."

On committing 17 turnovers
"Against a team that was pressing us and trapping us, I'm very happy. Would I like to see it come down? Of course."

on the inside game
"We did a good job of making sure [Pops] got touches today. He is really finishing plays. But more importantly, I like that he wasn't out of position particularly on the defensive end. And that's our concern. We know the guy can score points; we just want to make sure that defensively, he's where he needs to be so we're not giving up easy baskets particularly off of penetration."

TJ Thompson

What was the difference between the first and second half?
"I don't think we came out aggressive in the first half. It was our first home game. We were a little excited and a little overanxious. In the second half, we calmed down and played our style of basketball."

JR Pinnock

on the team's stingy defense
"Mike Hall and I put it on ourselves to bring that kind of defensive energy. We missed [Mike] a little bit today, so I made it my job to go out and get the team ready to play defense. In the first half, we might have taken them for granted a little bit, and that we were excited to open the season at home. So we bounced back in the second half and played better defense."

Pops Mensah-Bonsu



on his big offensive performance today
"I have to put that on my teammates for putting me in position to score. When they give me a chance to convert, I think I can do it.They were giving me the ball in the right positions, and I was converting."

on scoring so many points inside
"We knew they weren't very strong and big inside. So our gameplan was to use our inside presence as much as possible--get the ball inside and hurt them as much as possible."

Morgan State Coach Butch Beard

"In summary, they're a very good ballclub. They are more athletic than we are. We basically had to play a perfect game to have a one-point lead at halftime. Eventually, talent has a way of winning out."

"I was totally impressed with them when I saw their game against Wake Forest. Coach Hobbs has done a great job with them. Being one of the better teams in the A-10, they look like they have a chance--barring injury--of getting to the dance. March takes care of itself."

What changed between the first and second half?
"[laughs] When you have to hit 60 percent to be up by one...We don't have the bodies, we don't have that type of athlete. I pretty much knew we had shot our wad by halftime."

on Pops Mensah-Bonsu
"[laughs] I didn't want to play against him. [He's] a young kid...very athletic, but you can tell he has a ways to go. For his sake, I hope nobody's convincing him he's a pro player...He should stay at this level until he graduates, gets his four years in, and then make the move up. A lot of things he does, especially against us, is more athletic talent. He has to learn the little things in the game. If he can stay around and be taught that, he can make a lot of money and stay a lot longer."

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