Post Game Quotes

Nov. 23, 2001

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GW Coach Karl Hobbs:

"We came out with a lot of energy. I thought we were a little over-excited. We took some quick shots and our focus on defense wasn't very good, particularly from 3-point land. We settled down in the second half, we played very good defense, and our offense was very patient. If we could have controlled the 3-point shooting, we might have had a better night. But overall, I was very pleased with our effort, particularly on defense."

(on Chris Monroe not starting):

"Chris was a little late for film. I love the guy, but he broke a rule, and he accepted it like a man. He apologized to the team, and we move on. I didn't want to make a big deal out of it, but he's one of our leaders. He should be there 15 minutes early in my opinion, but I liked the way he handled it. That was the most important part. He didn't try to duck his responsibilities, he handled it in the manner that I think a captain should."

(on having 3 players in double figures):

"If we can consistently play defense, and if we can put points on the board, I think we can be a very good basketball team. I'd like to see us get up in the 70s a little bit, because we're going to have to do that to consistently win, particularly when we get into the conference. Anytime we can get a guy like Darrio Scott to come off the bench and give us 10 points and six rebounds is a positive. What I'd like to see happen in every game is different guys stepping up. If we can continue to do that, we'll have some success."

(on Jaason Smith's foul trouble):

"Normally, Jaason will play 33 or 35 [minutes], on some nights he'll have to play 38. When he got into the early foul trouble, it became a major concern because I just don't think we can win basketball games without him on the floor. He just adds too much to our team, particularly on the defensive end and the rebounding end. He's like the conductor back there, and he controls things. When he's not out there, we really miss his motivation and his spirit. It was important that we sat him down a little bit, because we needed him down the stretch. We can't have him getting into early foul trouble."



(on Chris Monroe):

"I really thought we wanted to make up for his mistake, and early on, he was pressing it. He knew I had my eye on him. Once he settled down, he really pulled through well. I like the fact that he finished with 22 points and 8 rebounds because those are the kinds of stats that when they vote this year, there's no doubt about it, he should be Player of the Week.

(on Darnell Miller):

"When we got on the bus to go away, the look in his eyes--I knew he was going to have a great game. At shoot around, he was the most vocal. I thought we were playing the game at 2:00, he was sweating at 2:05. The things he did for us tonight were defensively, he was just a horse. He did a magnificent job in taking on the responsibility of running our team and making sure we got the right shot. The guy who's going to benefit most from Darnell is TJ [Thompson]. He took a tremendous amount of pressure off TJ.


"It feels real good [to be back in Smith Center]. I wish we had this tournament when our students were back. It's hard to go away and play the team that beat Kentucky, and Texas A&M at their house, and it's packed and crazy. We're not at full strength right now, we're waiting on Marquin [Chandler] to get back to full strength."


"I had a few butterflies in my stomach, but I was just trying to get into the flow of the game. In the first half, I rushed some stuff. In the second half, I focused in on defense and rebounding, and trying to run the team to the best of my capabilities."


"[The fouls] were frustrating, I would be trying to get into the flow, then I'd have to come out. In the second half--it doesn't show stat-wise--if I didn't get any rebounds, my man didn't get any rebounds. If I wasn't scoring, he wasn't scoring. So I do it in other types of ways. As long as we get the OeW' that's all that matters.