Nov. 23, 2005

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November 23, 2005

Kennesaw St. 42
at #21/22 GW 87
GW Coach Karl Hobbs

What were your goals in tonight's game?
"Our focus for the game was our defense, particularly after the exhibition game. I think this is the most time we've ever spent on defense. We spent very little time on our offense, which is unusual for me."

Any comments on Pops' 3-game suspension?
"I have no other comment other than the fact that I think when guys put their names in the draft, some of the rules need more clarity. I'll just leave it at that."

Are you going to look to Alex and other guys to step up during those 3 games?
"I think we're a very balanced team. We don't count on one guy. Obviously we miss Pops tremendously, and we're not as good a team without him. He's a huge loss for us. We'll have to find a way to play two more games without him.

Have you made a decision on Dokun Akingbade [redshirting] for the season?
"I'm getting close. I'm letting a couple of games play themselves out because I want to make sure I take my time and do what's best for the program and for him. I hope to make a decision soon."

What did you learn tonight against a team that's new to Division I and has done a lot of travelling?
"The goal for our team is not to be the best team in the area, but to win the Atlantic 10 championship and be one of the 65 teams in the NCAA Tournament. This was a step toward that...I liked our mental approach to tonight's game. It was consistent based upon how we played the game. When I watch the tape, there will be no difference between the first and last 2 minutes in terms of our intensity and the way we played. I want us to get the point where we are playing consistent basketball and doing the fundamentals every time we step on the floor."

How about the performance of your freshmen?
"They were important tonight. When you look down our bench without Pops, they are very important with those games coming up because they're going to have to have an impact when they come into the ball game. Montrell McDonald is doing a great job and he has an impact either through a steal or getting up the floor or playing tremendous defense. Robert Diggs has to do the same thing by way of blocking a shot or getting a big rebound. But both guys have to be impact players."



What areas need improvement?
"I think we missed too many layups, particularly in the first half, and we could have finished some plays. We were in a little bit in a hurry on some passes, particularly in the first half when we had some turnovers. We could have been a little more solid, but I like how guys were trying to make plays."

GW senior F Mike Hall

On taking more jumpers and shots from the perimeter than usual.
"There's no set game plan. We have an open offense with a lot of guys who are interchangable. Those were just the shots that presented themselves tonight. It might not be the case next game. We'll just see what happens."

How does tonight's intensity compare with the exhibition game.
"It wasn't even close. We held ourselves accountable for our performance in the exhibition game, and decided not to let that happen again if we want to have a special season. For myself, I can't display the same lack of enthusiasm and leadership as in the first game if I want to have a special final season. I don't think that's going to happen again this year."

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