Post-Game Comments

Nov. 24, 2001



GW Coach Karl Hobbs

"It was a terrific basketball game. Yale is very, very well coached. They're very disciplined and difficult to get out of what they're trying to do. We were very fortunate to win the game."

"I thought we panicked at the end, but I was very proud of how we held our composure, and how we maintained ourselves. We settled down in the overtime and we put the game away. But we had to work extremely hard to do it because if you make one single mistake against them defensively, they make you pay. If you miss a boxout, they get a rebound, if you miss an assignment on defense, they get a three. If you don't help out on the screen, they get a layup. They are about as efficient a team as we'll play all year."

(on making 20 consecutive free throws in OT):
"That was the difference in the game, we don't win the game in overtime unless we make every single free throw. Being at home really helped, because they shoot here every day."

"This is the first time we've ever been pressured in that situation. I thought we were a little disorganized because we had a strange line-up in with the four guards. We showed our youth a little bit. Talking about Darnell Miller, a year ago, he would have never been in this situation in a game. That's part of learning, part of growing, part of teaching him what he has to do."

(on Greg Collucci):
"We have to do a better job of finding him open so he can get those good open looks. He took all good shots today, and that was big. He really stepped up and made big shots for us. Now we're talking about the same guy who went 0-for-7 against Texas A&M. He didn't shoot it particularly well yesterday with a lot of looks, but that's what we have to be as a team. Every night, we need to have different people step up and make plays for us. And tonight, he made big, big, big plays."



(on the many 3-point shots in overtime):
"Tamal [Forchion] established our inside presence, and that's what allowed us to make the 3s because they started doubling him. Once he got off early very, very well, it opened up the perimeter game and then we started making 3s. At the same time, though, they started making 3s....I'd like us to stay in the low 20s shooting 3s. But when we shoot it that well, we can take those kind of attempts."

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