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Nov. 28, 2001

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GW Coach Karl Hobbs:
"Boston University is a very phyiscal team, and Matt Turner can beat you single-handedly. He almost did that tonight. But the resiliance of our kids really came out and we played terrific defense in the second half. We held them to 36 percent [FG shooting] in the second half, which was key, and we kept our composure down the stretch."

(on repeatedly running down the shot clock)
"We pulled the ball out because we were exerting so much energy on defense, because of our lack of depth, and because we can't play against subs off the bench. Because we had to work so hard defensively, on offense was the only time we could rest."

(on the play of Freshmen Darrio Scott and TJ Thompson)
"You've got to keep in mind that they're freshmen, and that's why our games are the way they are. We had a chance to put the game away with 1:39 on the clock. We didn't have a clear fast break, and TJ pushes it and tries to make a play. He didn't have to do that, all he had to do was hold the ball. But I don't know how many freshmen point guards are averaging 38 minutes a game."

(on winning 3 straight games)
"It's incredibly important because your team needs to believe it can win. Right now, this team believes it can win, down 20, they believe they can win. They believe they can go on the road and win. They're just young enough, they haven't been around long enough to know they're in tough situations...Chris Monroe is probably the only player who has played in overtime situations. We're learning, and I'm very pleased with our effort."

(on the crowd)
"The fans were fantastic. Without our students tonight, I'm not sure we would have had the energy to fight back like we did. They would not let us lose tonight. They kept cheering, they were giving me instructions in the back, telling me what to do. It was a great college atmosophere tonight."



(on preparing to play UConn in the BB&T Tournament)
"It's a very emotional, very difficult game for me, because I went to school there, my wife is a graduate there, eight years coaching there. I recruited so many of those kids and I just feel close to so many of the people in that program. You never like to go to war against family, and that's how I feel."

"I talk to the guys on that staff every week. Coach Calhoun didn't call me this week. Guess what? I didn't call him either. I'm excited about the game, I'm excited about the opportunity to play such a well-coached team, because everything I know, everything I learned about winning, I learned from Coach Calhoun. I'm excited about the game and nervous at the same time."

"I like to think that every game we go into this year, we're prepared. Now can we stop some of the things that they do? We'll see. We're going to have to work extremely hard, they're very athletic. I think this is the best team they've had in a couple of years. I think [my familiarity with the program and players] helps us, I really do. Anytime you know the tendencies of a team, it has to help you."

"The most important thing to me is winning. I have my principles, there are certain things I won't tolerate with this basketball team, there are certain things I won't put before winning. But will I be happy to win? I'd be happy as hell...wouldn't you be?"

Boston University Coach Dennis Wolff:
"[The disparity in fouls] that's the stat that stands out. You look at every other stat than that, and you'd think we'd won. I'll get in a jam if I say anything more. Their kids played real hard, and I don't want to give anybody the impression [otherwise]. They won the game, and they played real hard too. That's the way it goes."

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