Nov. 29, 2002

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Mount St. Mary Post-Game November 29, 2002

GW 68 MSM 54

Mount St. Mary's Coach Jim Phelan

"We can't relax defensively against good teams because they're going to run right by us. And [GW] ran right by us at times in the second half for layups. We have got to eliminate that completely."

"We had a lot of lapses out there tonight. If we can eliminate them, we'll be a better basketball team. We've played a team from the ACC and a team from the Atlantic 10. We competed better in the second half down at NC State, and we competed better in the first half here. One of these nights, we're going to compete in both the first and secnd halves."

GW Coach Karl Hobbs [on the inability to pull away in the first half] "They ran a good offense and did a good job controlling the pace of the game. They made it difficult to inbound the ball, and that slowed down our fast break. They also took their time running their half-court offensive sets. They didn't take quick shots and used a lot of time of the clock. And then we had 17 turnovers, and that didn't help us in creating some distance. We also missed a ton of free throws. So that kept the game within range of being winnable for them."

[on the play of the freshmen in the second half] "We didn't come out with a great deal of intensity. The first half was like somebody told us there was a basketball game, and that they should just put on the uniform, come upstairs and play. We didn't play with a sense of purpose, and it was very discouraging to me to see our team do that. In the second half, we were a lot more focused, our intensity was a lot better, and we picked it up, particularly on the backboard. But the intensity wasn't there. Maybe the guys had too much turkey."

[on the better rebounding in the second half] "I was disappointed with our rebounding effort in the first half because that's an area of major concern to us. We have to be consistent in that area. We did a good job, but not so good a job in terms of containing [Mount St. Mary's] and keeping their shooting under 40 percent."



"Rebounding is all about effort and desire, playing with a sense of urgency. That's what we did in the second half."

GW G T.J. Thompson [on playing his brother Landy] "It was pretty fun because growing up, we were always playing on the same team. We never had the opportunity to play each other. This was the first time ever."

"He was matched up with me a couple of times and I thought it was funny because I knew the face and we both started laughing. But we still had to play the game."

GW F Omar Williams "It was like Coach said, we didn't come out as intense as we should. In the second half, we got it together and played harder, and pulled it out."

[on Chris Monroe's leadership in the game, particularly the first half] "He does that all the time. The rest of us couldn't get anything going tonight, and he was basically carrying us the first half."

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