Post-game Comments

Nov. 28, 2009

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November 28, 2009

Oregon State 64
@ GW 57

Postgame comments

GW Coach Karl Hobbs

On the Colonials' slow start

"Because we got off to a slow start, we had to play catch-up throughout the entire game. It was our first game on center stage, so to speak, and we didn't react particularly well at the start. They're a tough team, and once you get behind, they control the tempo. And we really couldn't get the game at the pace that we wanted to play at." "But we kept playing hard, and we never felt like we were out of the game. We were one or two plays away from getting back into it. We just kept playing like we had a shot to win."

Did the excitement surrounding having President Obama and his family on hand, plus the large crowd, affect the Colonials play?

"I'm not sure what kind of an impact it had. I think their defense had more impact than the president in the stands. [laughs] They just came in really prepared. Their size bothered us a great deal. In the first half, we didn't make great adjustments and turned the ball over quite a bit. And as I said, we spent the entire day trying to play catch-up."

"Oregon State's experience really paid off for them today. They seemed more focused and made big shots at the right times. For us, we had a tough time shooting the basketball. We had a lot of open looks, but couldn't really get anyone to really get a hot hand. We couldn't get shots from the outside consistently."

What does a game like this mean for GW's stature?

"It means a great deal, having a team like Oregon State play here, and having the president helps us in so many ways, even outside of basketball. Not many universities have that opportunity. It's just unfortunate that we couldn't find a way to win today."

You called the game against Princeton a "mental grind." Would you characterize this game the same way, since Oregon State runs the same kind of offense?



"Without question. The difference is that [Oregon State] is a lot more physical, just in size, and in terms of how they play. Because of our youth, this is the first time a lot of guys are playing a lot of minutes. So every game is going to be a mental test for us."

GW freshman G Bryan Bynes

How did the players react when you fell behind so early?

"The whole time, it we knew we had to just stay together, keep our composure, keep going at them, and play defense."

On having playing in front of President Obama and his family.

"It was very exciting for us to find out he was going to be attending the basketball game. I think it was just the excitement, the atmosphere. We just came out like we were in a rush. We were rushing everything."

On shaking the president's hand after the game.

"He told us good game, great effort. Personally, I felt like . . . I can't even explain the words right now. I was very excited to shake his hand. Even with the loss, that was a bright spot of the day."

Oregon State coach Craig Robinson

"Given how we started out, this is a really big win. We needed this win, no matter what. We haven't played well yet, and we needed a good start." "Coach Hobbs prepared his team very well. Like other ex-players, he prepares his team as if he's going to be in the game. They knew what we were running."

On Oregon State's high number of turnovers

"It was definitely [George Washington's] pressure. I'm happy to come out of the game with 23 turnovers and win. This kind of environment is what we can expect when we start Pac 10 play. We'll have to play a good game in order to win."

On having President Obama and his family on hand for the game.

"He's a huge basketball fan. Even though they have other things to think about, he pays close attention and he's always followed us."

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