Dec. 2, 2004

Recap |  Box Score

December 1, 2004

GW 81
Mount St. Mary's 58

Postgame Comments

GW Coach Karl Hobbs:
On sharing the ball between so many players
"We did a terrific job of moving the ball and finding open players. Last year, we were first or second in assists in the Atlantic 10, and we have continued to play that way. We did a great job of looking and finding each other, and we're making shots."

On the good production inside
"If you look at our team up to this point, Pops is leading us in field goal attempts. That's his area. Our perimeter guys are doing a great job of realizing that he has to get touches and he's doing a great job of finishing."

On the upcoming game against Michigan State
"Well I'd like to enjoy this victory a little bit, but we have a very difficult task ahead of us. Without question, they're a Top 10 team. They're very physical and very strong at every position. They're a team that every year consistently is one of the leading rebounding teams in the country. We'll have to really tighten up our defense and slow them down, yet still try and play at our same pace."

How much will Mike Hall play this weekend?
"Mike is still a little bit away, his conditioning is a little off. It's really hard to tell. I know he won't play a whole lot because physically he just won't be able to."

GW senior G T.J. Thompson
Why are you able to share the ball so well and be effective on offense?
"That just comes from trusting each other. We play together throughout the summer and we work hard during the preseason. We know where guys are going to be, and we know what guys' strengths are. If we come down and see a guy in his spot, we're going to be very unselfish and get the ball to him."

On getting energy from the crowd
"This is a great place to play. There's nothing like coming out to warm up, and having the crowd behind you. If you need that extra little boost, they give you the energy with their cheering. It makes you want to play harder because you don't want to let them down. The past few years have been wonderful."



What was it like to play your brother for two years in a row?
"It was a fun experience. Not too many brothers get to play each other at a Division 1 program. You just have to take the opportunity and run with it. While it was competitive, it was also fun to look over and see that your sibling is on the other side. It was even fun reading about him in the scouting reports. I really enjoyed it."

What was it like to hit that 3-pointer over your brother?
"[laughs] I'm used to doing that!"

GW junior C Pops Mensah-Bonsu
On his performance tonight
"I have to put that in the hands of my teammates. Coach emphasized getting the ball inside today, so I have to tip my hat to my teammates for getting me the ball in positions where I can score."

How does this game help you prepare for the upcoming games?
"It's a good game to have before Michigan State, but we definitely have our work cut out for us."

MSM Coach Milan Brown
"We faced a very good team today, a team that if it if it keeps getting better will probably end up being a Top 25 team."

"We hung with them for a while. All our mistakes just compounded and rolled up in different spurts. A team that's that athletic and with those kinds of players will not let you out."

"We really, really had problems with the inside guy [Pops Mensah-Bonsu]. He played a great game. Anytime you only miss one shot, you're doing something...If we couldn't do anything consistently on offense, this is what happens."

What will your players take from this game?
"I hope they'll see the plays that have to be made against the teams that very good teams. You can't play the same way against teams that are at our level, and then step up to play an Atlantic 10 team that's supposed to win its division. You have to make some adjustments, and that's tough to do."

T.J. Thompson
Does it drive you when you're playing against your brother?
"No, I try not to look at it as me and my brother out there. It doesn't matter if it's George Washington or somebody in our conference. I'm going to play as hard as I can regardless of who the opponent is."

Is it tough playing against your brother because he knows all the little things you do?
"Not so much because he doesn't know everything. We can't know everything because we go our separate ways and work on our own things."