Dec. 2, 2005

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December 2, 2005

Boston University 62
#19/22 George Washington 75

Postgame quotes

GW Coach Karl Hobbs
Were you pleased with the defensive effort?
"In some ways, I wasn't. It was one of those games where we had to find a way to win because they were really executing their offense, they were getting good shots, and they were hurting us inside because I felt like we needed our speed and quickness. And with Mike [Hall] and Omar [Williams] guarding their big guy, they were getting inside and scoring pretty easily. So we had to try and prevent them from getting shots up and just try to pressure the ball, prevent some easy baskets, and it happened to work out fairly well for us."

Pops' return seemed anti-climatic.
"Yes, he seemed a little over-excited. He was trying to do everything in a hurry...I knew that was going to happen because you tell it in practice. I think he'll come around and once he starts to relax a little bit, we know he's a capable guy."

Are you concerned about other teams' success with 3-pointers?
"I'm worried about everything on the other teams [laughs]...I am concerned that teams are shooting a high percentage against us. That's something that we have to get better at."

What are your thoughts about your next opponent, Maryland?
"I see a lot of great things in that team. I see a team that prior to last year went to 11 straight NCAA tournaments, and a team that plays with a great deal of determination. I read every quote from Coach Williams and the players. They sound like a team that has really galvinized themselves...What makes them dangerous is that they appear to be a team that's on a very serious mission...The thing I like most about them is that every guy on that team is being accountable for what they did last year. They're saying `I've gotta do better.' I admire that, and it's a program that I've always admired over the years."



Will you try to establish Pops in the post to open up the offense against Maryland?
"Going into every game, we want to establish Pops inside right away because it opens up wide open shots. If we do that, that's going to allow guys like Mike, [Danilo], and Carl to get those open looks. But they are a very good defensive team, so everyone's going to have to play well."

GW senior C Pops Mensah-Bonsu
How did it feel to be back tonight?
"Coming into the game, I knew I was going to be excited. The whole week, I was just trying to calm my nerves and not let the adrenaline take me out of my game. But as you can see, I was a little bit more excited than I expected and couldn't really get it going. I'm glad my teammates were there to pick up my slack."

Boston University Coach Dennis Wolff
Opening comments
"I've scheduled these kids into a tough situation...In the first week, we've played Duke, Michigan, URI, and GW. And we have some injuries and some other issues...Once we can get ourselves healthy and some time to practice more, I think we'll be fine."

"Because GW is playing us right before they play Maryland, I'm sure they didn't quite have the attention Karl would've liked for us. But our kids played hard; I thought it was a very good effort."

What did you do to try and counter GW's game?
"They are so athletic, it was important for us to get back on defense. Until we got tired in the 2nd half, we didn't have a lot of plays that led to baskets for them. We wanted to put the ball inside, and I think for the most part we did that...They shot the ball better in the first half that they had all season, and those kids are good shooters so we had to pick which way we would go."

How does GW compare to the other teams you've played this season?
"In my opinion, top to bottom, they're the most athletic team we've played...It's a roster full of good players. Karl gets them to play very hard.

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