Virginia Tech Post-Game Quotes

Dec. 3, 2006

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NCAA Basketball
BB&T Classic
Verizon Center, Washington DC

Post-Game Quotes

Game 2
George Washington 63
Virginia Tech 62

George Washington Head Coach Karl Hobbs:
Coach, you did something you rarely do and went to a zone in the second half. Talk about that:
"What we wanted to do was to slow the pace of the game down, so we extended our pressure, basically just to slow them up. Then we wanted to fall back into our 2-3 zone. We wanted them to waste time on the clock so by the time they got in their offense we would have to defend them for 18 seconds as opposed to trying to defend them for the whole possession. In addition to that, we are a small team, and we felt we needed to keep our big guys out of foul trouble - they both had three at halftime."

"It really worried me, because both of those guys are sitting there with three fouls. Any time those guys get those early fouls it's just a major concern."

On slowing things down:
"You have to do what you have to do to win ballgames. I don't know if we slowed down the tempo, we slowed THEIR tempo down, that was our aim."

"I think the win was huge. I think it was huge because we are a team that's trying to develop a personality, for us to beat a team like Virginia Tech this early in the season. It's huge for us. The thing that I like was the fact that down the stretch we played terrific defense under five minutes and I really thought the guys dug down. The biggest thing we wanted to do coming into this game was limit the offensive rebounds. That was our focus."

"Every day, every second, every minute. That was our focus."

"Carl has a great feel. I thought he made some great plays down the stretch. He made two key plays - number one, penetrating to get the foul, and secondly he made a tremendous play...He made an incredible play, I mean he really saved the day."



"I thought Regis was tremendous, I thought he had terrific numbers. He had a lot of big rebounds. Every rebound was important. He got us 10 points, he's the guy we need for so many things, I'm just hoping he doesn't wear down because he's always going to have to guard big, physical players."

"I'm very pleased with Travis, he's one of the very few freshmen we've been able to recruit that physically has come in and been able to play at this level. He has good guys to his left and his right and those guys take good care of him. He is high energy. With time, he's going to be a terrific player."

"What we wanted to do was force them to have to shoot contested jump shots from the perimeter. I told the team at halftime we need to settle down, we need to run our offense, play with a little more poise offensively. I felt we took some quick, rushed shots in the first half. I told them we have to make them play good defense, we have to make them defend four or five cuts."

"I liked the toughness, I liked the mental toughness. I thought for the first time all year we showed great mental toughness. It paid off because when the ball was on the floor we had several guys dive for it. When the ball went on the backboard we had several guys boxing out going after the boards and making second-effort plays."

Virginia Tech Head Coach Seth Greenberg:
"I don't venture the conclusion to this story is going to change, I really appreciate that it happened sooner rather than later. We didn't lose the game on the last play of the game, we lost the basketball game in the first four mintues of the second half. We didn't check people, we didn't take care of the basketball. Our sloppy offensive play put them in a position to get back into the game and they made some shots. We still have to rebound the basketball better. I thought we played fairly hard but not overly smart at times on the defensive end but we got what we wanted at the end of the game. We got the ball in Deron's hands... a little bit of an adventure. We just didn't finish the play. We are not going to throw a pity party. We've played seven games, got 23 games to play and we still have the chance to win a lot of basketball games, We just didn't finish it. Our guys are hurt, but they are going to be fine. They'll bounce back. I really do believe we are going to be a really good basketball team before the season is done."

"Game was at a snail's pace. I thought at times we had some pretty good looks. We missed some good looks. It's just a situation where we have to find a way to start a second half when we are in control of the game. You have to check some people. We didn't take care of the basketball, therefore we had a hard time checking people. It was a snails pace because they try to spread you out and drive you. Our turnovers led to their baskets."

On losing three close games and how to improve:
"I'll have to speak to Kreskin to get that answer. We make that layup, I'm sitting here a genius."

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