Dec. 5, 2006

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December 5, 2006

@ GW 79

Post-game Comments

GW Coach Karl Hobbs
On the team's sluggish 1st-half start:
"We had only one day to prepare for this game, and I wanted them to be conservative with their energy a bit because we exerted a lot of energy against Virginia Tech, and I wanted them to conserve. In the 2nd half, I told them to forget about energy and play the way we play. Obviously we pressed them full-court, forced turnovers, and sped up the pace of the game."

Are you happy with the rebounding?
"Yes, I am....but it's an ongoing thing for us because our size isn't changing. We're still small compared to some of the physically big teams. It's something that we have to keep working on. It's going to be a tough thing for us all year."

On the play of Damian Hollis:
"He played very well today. He was relaxed when he got the basketball, and more aggressive in terms of attacking...Hopefully, he'll continue to give us those kinds of minutes and play as well as he did today."

On the play of Rob Diggs:
"I think he was thinking about his injured tooth [suffered in the Providence game] for the first three or four minutes. Once he realized it was OK, he had no problems. I told him that he had to step it up because we need him to play harder than he's been playing, and he's doing that...I'm most impressed with his shot-blocking ability. He's been playing marvelous basketball."

On the play of Cheyenne Moore:
"He's been doing more in practice, and I wanted him to get in a little bit tonight, just some up and down and out real quick. I didn't want to try and do too much. We're trying to ease him in. The more he does in practice, the more we'll start using him in games, but it's going to be a slow process."



What started the strong run to begin the 2nd half?
"We came out with a lot more energy. We played with a purpose and urgency. The pressure really bothered them. We forced them into turnovers, and that led to easy baskets...Speeding up the pace of the game forced them to make decisions quickly, which is something that they don't like to do."

Any concerns about Carl Elliott missing his first 4 shots?
"Not really, because they [UMES] were shooting a pretty high percentage ...In the first five minutes, they pretty much scored every time down. The problem wasn't offense; it was defense."

Sophomore F Rob Diggs
Are you getting more help in the frontcourt?
"I think so. Dokun [Akingbade] is giving everything he's got. Damian is starting to step up. The guards are rebounding well and stopping the other team's guards from getting the ball to their big men. We're really starting to play well as a team."

UMES Coach Larry Lessett
Opening Statement

"I'm very honored to have played George Washington and Coach Hobbs. He's a great coach and a good friend. I think our program took some giant steps tonight because they have some fine players and a great coaching staff here, and I'm very excited about our game against Howard on Wednesday...We're not going to see this kind of defensive pressure much for the rest of the season, so I'm very excited about our upcoming season."

Why did the game get away from you?
"It got away because we're still a very young team. We're still playing freshmen and sophomores...If we're going to advance the program, players like Antonio McMillion will have to play more stable...There's nobody in the MEAC that has players like George Washington does. So if Antonio can continue to play defense the way he did tonight, you can see why I'm very encouraged."

Senior F Antonio McMillion
How important was it to get off to a good start against GW?
"Believe it or not, we were very confident. A lot of mid-major teams might come into this game looking for a moral victory. We don't believe in moral victories. Even though the Atlantic 10 is a bigger conference than the MEAC and George Washington is a much higher profile program than us, we came into the game with only one objective and that was to win. We got a little complacent at halftime, being down by only two baskets, it took a little of our hunger away. But for the most part, it's encouraging. If we can stick with them for 20 minutes, we should be able to stick with anybody in the MEAC for 40."

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