Dec. 9, 2002

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2002 BB&T Invitational December 8, 2002

Consolation Game Maryland 93, GW 82

Post-Game Quotes

Maryland Head Coach Gary Williams

On George Washington's program: "I think everybody, especially coaches, know the job Karl Hobbs is doing over there at George Washington. What they did yesterday against the No. 2 team in the nation being up at halftime and really having a chance to win that thing late in the shows how far Karl's got his team playing, and at what level. We knew we were going to have a tough game today. I was really worried because it's a consolation game, and Maryland is not supposed to be in a consolation game,

On coming back after the Notre Dame loss: "We had to dig deep pride-wise and I was really proud of the players of the way they got ready to play. I know it took us a while to get going, but we were trying. We were trying early in the game and George Washington was playing very well early, but we were finally able to shut them down - especially with their offensive rebounding they hurt us for a while. Then we started to get the ball inside, and found some outside looks for Drew Nicholas and Steve Blake and people like that. All of a sudden, we got cooking pretty good there for about the last 10 minutes of the first half and the first 10 minutes of the second half."

On Maryland's team play "We still have a lot of things to work on. The killer instinct, I think we relaxed with about seven minutes left thinking we had the game won. You have to play 40 minutes. That's one of the big things we try to push forever here at Maryland. We're getting there. Some of the young guys don't understand how tough it can be to finish off a game against a team that won't quit like George Washington."

On today's performance: "It was a very positive thing after the way we played yesterday to go from 10 assists against Notre Dame to 24 today. We shot 55 percent after shooting 28 percent first half. So there were a lot of good things that happened, and I think it came against a pretty good defense too. I think George Washington really came after us hard."



George Washington Coach Karl Hobbs "Maryland played like a team that was committed to winning today. Blake and Nichols played the way seniors are supposed to play, particularly when they find themselves in a little bit of a hole. They played like guys who have won a national championship, and they played like cagey veterans. They were the difference in the game."

"Fatigue was a factor to some degree. Yesterday, T. J. [Thompson] played 37 minutes--he has to guard one of the quickest, fastest guys and chase that guy for 37 minutes. Then today he had to play 39 minutes because Darnell Miller was a little hurt, so I really couldn't afford to take him out of the game. So fatigue definitely played a part in that situation."

On what the team takes away from playing two top-10 teams on consecutive days: "[We take] fatigue. We come away with two things: we found out about ourselves as a basketball team, and we have an opportunity to be a pretty good team if we execute when we need to, if we can make the big plays when we have to. If we can take care of the ball particularly when you play against teams at this level [it's a plus] because when you turn the ball over against teams like this, it results in a basket."

On the team's confidence after these games "It doesn't do a whole lot when you don't win the game. The guys are very disappointed that they didn't beat Texas because they felt like and played like they could win the game, and they had chances and opportunities to win the game. Then they felt going into today that they could win this game. Now they're going to have to bounce back because we have a very difficult game against Boston University coming up on the road. They basically have one day of rest before we travel on Tuesday and play on Wednesday. It's difficult because now we have to find a way to win on Wednesday so these guys can get some rest."

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