Dec. 9, 2002

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GW Coach Karl Hobbs

"The difference in the game tonight came down to experience. They know exactly what to execute, and get the shots that they wanted. We really did a great job of defending their perimeter guys, but once the game was on the line-about a 5 or 6 point game-then 2 or 3 possessions in a row they went right inside to him [James Thomas]...He's as strong a guy as we'll see all year. It's a credit to their program. I'd like to find out who their strnegth coach is."

"When it got down to the stretch-to the 6 minute mark--, they executed well and got the shot they wanted. I think our youth showed up a little bit. We were playing a sophmore, a senior, and three freshmen most of the way. But Texas is a tremendous basketball team. They're #2 in the country because they find a way to win games, and they found a way to win tonight."

"We felt coming in that if we could rebound well, especially offensively, and get 75 to 80 points, we could win the game. Unfortunately, they brought their offensive game with them as well. But because they were so aggressive defensively, we felt we had opportunities to beat them off the dribble and penetrate."

"We like an uptempo game, and that's a psychological thing. When you look at the teams Texas has played in the past, they've been the aggressor team, and they would get the transition back. That's our style; we 're trying to get 75, 85 points on the board too. I think we had some success with it, especially in transition."

on Texas C James Thomas "The kid comes out and he looks like one of those WWF wrestlers. He's a terrific basketball player, and he really understands that his job is to rebound, set screens, post up, and dunk the basketball. And that's what he did."

G Chris Monroe "Our freshmen showed a lot of character. It showed that they've come a long way with the mental aspect coming in to play the #2 team in the country. Most freshmen don't see that. They came in real strong and stayed tough out there, so it was a bonus for us."



Texas Coach Rick Barnes "It was one of hose games where both teams are looking to drive the ball. We gave up way too many baskets in the first half on turnovers, and penetration...In the 2nd half, it looked like they were trying to hold the ball and take as much time off the clock as they could, and they tried to drive the ball as hard as they could to get to the foul line."