Dec. 10, 2003

Recap?|? Box Score

December 10, 2003

GW 76
Towson 57

Postgame quotes

GW Coach Karl Hobbs
on the team's overall effort
"We had four keys tonight: play defense, rebound, run as hard as you can, and play 40 minutes as hard as you can. I wanted a real hard effort tonight, and we got it. At times, our defense could've been a little more intense and there were a few loose balls that we couldn't grab for some reason."

on the team's balanced scoring
"It's always good, but the focus for me was to get our defense tightened up. Every game I watch, a team goes up by 12 and loses by 8 or 6. I really want us to get our defense up."

on the number of turnovers
"I'll tell you what, I'll take 15. Based on past history, 15 turnovers for this team is an improvement. -I don't know if we're good enough to limit them to 10. If we can keep it to 15 at the max across the rest of our schedule, I'll be happy with that provided that they don't come when we're down 1 or in the last two possessions when we're trying to score."

on preparing for the tough 4-game road trip
"The only thing I want our guys to think about for the next few days is school. We as coaches need to lock ourselves in a room and work on a few things. We've got to improve our defense, we've got to take care of the ball. And in the first four minutes of the second half, we're the worst team in America. We've got to figure out why we do that, because we've done that in every game. We have to correct that. These next few games before league play can dictate to some degree what our fate will be."

GW senior G Greg Collucci
on staying focused with a big lead:
"You just try to keep playing defense as good as you can and try not to change anything that got us where we were. We were up by about 30, a couple of their shots started to fall, we put in a new group and went back to defense."



on the team's 6-2 start:
"My freshman year we were 5-1, and I know that it can fall apart pretty quick so you don't want to rest on it. We just have to keep working hard doing what we're doing. We're in there working hard, getting better as a group. We have to be ready to play every night. The one thing I can tell these guys is that there are no freebie games anywhere. Old Dominion was probably one of the toughest places we played in since I've been here. We have to keep plugging and get things done."

Towson Coach Michael Hunt:
"Credit to George Washington. Coach Hobbs has done a great job assembling a good team. They've improved since last year. They've improved their talent, and I think they're playing better overall as a team. They're having a little trouble with turnovers, but they'll get that worked out as the kids get more comfortable playing with each other."

Is playing in the Smith Center a good test for his young team?
"We could have easily scheduled a Division II or III team at home...But we want to have a good program at Towson. There are places in our conference that have this atmosphere, so we want to prepare for that. We want to get our program to that point. You've got to play good people to see what you're up against. I think we're better as a team, but GW is better as a team as well and I think they're going to do good in the Atlantic 10. So it's a good test for us...."