Dec. 10, 2006

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December 9, 2006
Honda Center (Anaheim, CA)

Head Coach Karl Hobbs
"I thought they did a good job of making adjustments in terms of handling our pressure. I thought Stewart changed the game. I thought he stepped up and I really felt he was the difference."

"I thought the missed opportunities for us, in terms of layups, really changed the momentum of the game. In the last five minutes, it became a battle of wills. You have to give all the credit to USC. I think they're a terrific basketball team and I think they're headed in the right direction. When they get all the pieces together, they're certainly a team I wouldn't want to play again."

USC Head Coach Tim Floyd
"The team we played against tonight, they're going to win a lot of games. I'm very pleased we got the win. I'm still not sure how we got it. The first half was about as ugly a half as I've ever been a part of. They created a lot of our anxiety and lack of poise with their defensive schemes and pressure. We didn't respond to it very well. I thought we quit competing on the defensive boards. They were getting it off the glass and putting it back in. After halftime, we played with a lot more heart and it had to do with a bunch of guys who were trying to compete and were embarrassed about how they played in the first half."

"At halftime, I just asked them, `What offense to you want to run? Tell me because it really doesn't matter if we're going to throw it in the seats.' We told them you can't catch up unless you stop them, unless you defensive board."

"That's the eighth straight game we've held opponents under 40 percent [shooting]. That's the key."

Lodrick Stewart
"This is the biggest comeback we've had since I've been here. Coach gave us a great speech at halftime, a motivational speech. He just told us we've got to come out and play because it was embarrassing the way they were running over us and grabbing rebounds and outhustling us. He told us to go out there and play hard. We went and executed his game plan and it worked. It was our defense that won the game."



"He's one of those guys who gives his all on every play, and that's what we need on this team." "This gets us motivated because we know that once we get down, we just keep executing our game plan that Coach has given us, and it will work. He's done this for a long time at both levels."

Daniel Hackett
"Everybody was mad in the locker room at halftime, and we came back out with a lot of energy. We just did what we had to do. The most important thing was taking care of the ball. We were just turning the ball over too much in the first half. The second half I think we only turned it over four times. That's the key right there."

"We need to come back to practice and work hard at not turning the ball over and rebound. Those are the keys to victory. We'll see how our team responds to this. It's going to be a long road, so we're just looking at the next game."

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