Dec. 12, 2006

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December 12, 2006

Maryland-Baltimore County 51
@ GW 72

Postgame quotes

GW Coach Karl Hobbs
How concerned were you with having to come back across the country following the loss to USC on Saturday?
"I wasn't concerned at all. I'm not sure, but the last time we lost two games in a row was to Xavier and UMass on a last-second shot or something like that. We were playing at home in a place where the students really appreciate my players, and they play hard when they play at home."

Cheyenne Moore seemed to bring a lot of energy to the team tonight.
"That's exactly what he did...Unfortunately, we have to be careful about the number of minutes he plays. It's nice when we can work him in, but I thought he was fanstatic...I think he's still a little bit away [from playing to his potential], but hopefully he's getting close. I'm hoping we can get him to the point where he can play 15 minutes."

Carl Elliott played a different kind of game from what we've come to expect.
"The beauty of Carl Elliott is that even when he doesn't score, he has an impact on the game. Tonight he was a factor because he had 7 steals, he runs this team, and he puts people where they're supposed to be. That's the mark of a good player."

Is your rebounding where you'd like it to be?
"I think we're plus 1 or even. So we're pretty good given the fact that we're a smaller team, we're not as big as we've been in the past. I'll take that any day of the week."

Are you happy with where the team is at this point of the season?
"I think so. It's nice to see our program respected by other people in the country. The fact that we're on the front sports page of the L.A. Times is very important to me. I feel good about this team. We're a team that's still evolving and growing, but I like the effort and that guys are working very hard to improve."



GW junior G Maureece Rice
Did you feel you had to assume the scoring load with Carl not playing well tonight?
"Some games, it will be me playing well, and others it'll be Carl playing well. We have to look at it like when we're not playing as well as we can, we have to do other things [to contribute] in the game. Like Coach said, Carl got us steals and rebounds, and that's how he helped us get the win tonight."

On getting 10 rebounds tonight...
"That's the first double-double of my college career, so I'm pretty excited about that."

UMBC Coach Randy Monroe
Opening Statement
"We lost to a very good basketball team tonight. They forced us into playing fast and in a hurry, which is a style we're not used to. In addition to being fast and very athletic, they're long and very quick. They caused us problems in the first half, as you can see by our 13 turnovers. George Washington was responsible for a lot of that by causing us to play in a hurry."

On the play of Cheyenne Moore:
"Cheyenne's a very good basketball player...He's one of those guys who is very athletic and can shoot the basketball and put the ball on the floor. My concern coming into this game was being able to play them man-to-man. We played the zone, which has been pretty good for us. Once GW started hitting shots and getting second and third shots, that broke our backs."

On the play of Maureece Rice
"I've seen him play since he was a sophomore in high school...He's a tough, tough kid. He's an all-league player. He was definitely one of the guys I was concerned with because he's going to find a way to help his team win. That's one of the reasons why George Washington is going to be successful this year."

On limiting Carl Elliott's contributions
"He was another player that we were concerned about. We knew he had been struggling offensively. We felt that if we pressured him and forced him to drive a little bit and turn the ball over, it would play into our hands. But he had a pretty good game tonight."

Were you surprised by GW's rebounding tonight?
"Not at all. In practice, you can't duplicate how hard GW's guys get on the boards. We told our guys that you're going to see a group of guys that are hungry. When that ball goes up, they go after it. They get four or five guys on the glass. I think that's tremendous. You don't see a lot of teams do that anymore. You hear about games being won and loss on the foul line. But as a former rebounder, I think games are won and lost on the boards as well."

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