Dec. 20, 2003

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- Post-Game Quotes:

Old Dominion head coach Blaine Taylor

We've enjoyed being here and where our program is. Other people could have gave up and they decided to stay here and fight. I cannot be more proud and they deserve a nice holiday break.

On Kiah Thomas I though Kiah really blended himself with the team in a mature way. He hasn't forced a shot in two games. He was ready. His teammates were thrilled to have him back. He gave us an offensive push. He'll make John Waller be a fresher player. His role will be wherever he is needed.

They (George Washington) have great speed and quickness. At the half, we thought we turned the ball over a lot, but I told the team we didn't, we were in the game.

Old Dominion senior John Waller

We adjusted and we did a good job adjusting to the pressure. We did a good job with the pressure, we studied that at practice and we did the right things tonight. We stuck with George Washington and everyone stayed focused. With the addition of Kiah (Thomas), it gives me a breather and with our connection, we communication about things going on the court.

Old Dominion junior Kiah Thomas

Coach Taylor always told me that I should just be patient and let the game come to me. It's just basketball, that one of the things he always told me. We just need to keep doing what we are doing and be ready to help the team. Whenever your number is called, be ready to help your team as much as possible.

George Washington head coach Karl Hobbs When you look at our team, we had 22 turnovers. We lost to a better basketball team tonight. We lost to a team that had more pride. We lost to a team that had more determination. They played like this was a championship game and I admire them for that. We have a young team and we are learning how to play like that.