Postgame Comments: GW at East Carolina

Dec. 23, 2009

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GW Head Coach Karl Hobbs

On Tonight's Game
"My impression of the game was that both teams played extremely hard. It was a very well-played basketball game. I thought both teams battled.

"This was a terrific win for us. We're very, very fortunate to win today."

On East Carolina's Coach McCarthy
"I thought Coach McCarthy really had his team prepared, particularly for our pressure. Obviously, I have a great deal of respect for Coach McCarthy. He's a great coach, especially if you're a shooter. He can really draw up some plays if you can shoot the ball."

On The Key To The Game Going Into The Contest
"We felt coming into the game that we had to try to find some way to control Brock Young. He's a terrific basketball player. I don't know if I've ever played against somebody who, in the first half, had zero points and totally controlled the tempo of the game. He controlled the total flow of the game. He makes all those other guys great players. He's as good of a point guard as we've faced all year.

"I think Brock thrives on being pressured. I think he takes it as a personal insult when you try to trap him. We wanted to try and wear him down. He proved he's a great-conditioned athlete.

"I just enjoy his unselfishness. He really understands what he means for this team."

On The Point Guards Tony Taylor And Brock Young

"I thought Tony Taylor played a terrific basketball game. It was just fun for me to watch the two point guards. The amazing thing about the two point guards was that when you looked at how hard this game was played with the number of minutes those two played, their combined assist-to-turnover ratio told the story."

On Damian Hollis' Performance



"We felt coming into the game that he would have an advantage. We felt one of [East Carolina's] big guys would have to guard him out on the perimeter. The last four or five minutes of the game we ran every set play for him.

"He didn't have a great shooting night, but he made the big baskets when we needed him to. That's what seniors are supposed to do.

"He most certainly made the key free throws. Those were certainly the difference in the game."

East Carolina Head Coach Mack McCarthy

On His Team's Performance

"It was our most complete performance of the season. The players really bought in and we simplified some things to allow them to just play basketball in some situations. It was really, really effective early. Some of the things we did to take advantage of the way they played worked to almost perfection at times.

"But Karl [Hobbs] does a good job. They changed defenses a lot. Our guys reacted pretty well to all of that. I thought we got more than our share of the hustle points against a team that is extremely athletic and deep. I thought that was a good sign.

"While we're really disappointed that we didn't come away with the win and be able to get to .500 at Christmas, we probably feel a whole lot better after this game despite the loss than we did after Saturday night's win."

On The Upcoming Schedule

"It isn't going to get any easier. We go to VCU then host N.C. Central, which will be a big game for them. UAB, Marshall and Memphis are all playing great and those are our first three league games. It'll be a real test to see if we can maintain that positive momentum and attitude."

On Playing Through Adversity

"If we play as hard as we did and as well together as we did tonight, the wins and losses will take care of themselves. We'll start to win more than we lose. That's going to be a challenge to play through some adversity. Tonight was the first time I thought we really did that. This is by far the best we've played."

On George Washington's Depth

"I was really proud of our conditioning, to be honest. They kept running people at us, but I really didn't see a lot of plays where fatigue was a factor. Brock Young is in outstanding shape. They had nine guys play at least 14 minutes. We had guys play 39, 34 and 45 minutes and held our own."

On Heading Into Conference Play

"We've preached all along that the wins and losses in November and December are OK, but what's really important is January and February. I think our guys have been pretty good about keeping their eyes on the prize at the end of the year. They're trying to get ready to play in the league tournament. They understand it's a process for us to get better."

East Carolina Guard Brock Young

On The Team Not Making Any Field Goals In Overtime

"They really played their scramble defense well. They had guys trap at different points in time. It's really hard to run an offense when you have two guys coming at the ball handler."
On his team's effort

"I did think we played a complete game, even though we had a couple of turnovers and didn't always block out. Some of the little things hurt us. Our effort was there. If we keep the effort there, limit the turnovers and block out, we'll be alright.

"It was a good game and we fought hard tonight."

On George Washington's Tying Basket At The End Of Regulation

"We could see that ball. That was a box out that we missed. We should have had that box out."

East Carolina Center Chad Wynn

On His Performance Tonight

"It felt pretty good. The last two games or so, I had kind of been struggling. That happens to everybody. You just have to come out every game ready to play like we did today.

"I don't know what it was, but that was the most complete game we've played this season."

On The Loss

"It's very frustrating, especially when you know you have the game right in your hands. To see the ball go through the hoop right at the buzzer takes a lot of life out of us. You just have to move on to the next game and learn from this."

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