'Twas the Game Before A-10 Season...

Steeves led 'em in points, rebounds and assists
Dec. 23, 2017

Final Stats | Postgame Press Conference

'Twas the game before A-10 season, and GW came in with a grin,
Knowing a record above .500 they'd own, with just one more win.
Six victories were hung up in a grueling non-conference slate,
In hopes that Harvard would make seven, on this late December date.

The Colonials were outfitted all done up in Buff and Blue,
While visions of threes, dunks and blocks excited GW.
And Harvard; the Crimson, in the return game to DC,
Seeking revenge from last season, oh what would it see?

When out on the court there arose such a clatter,
Fans sprang from their seats to see what was the matter.
Away to the rims the Colonials flew like a flash,
Led wire-to-wire, in a holiday bash.

The monuments on the court, so proudly they show,
the iconic setting near Foggy Bottom, where everyone should go.
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear?
A .281 field goal percentage allowed, the best of the year!

With a Harvard transfer on GW's side, more savvy than quick,
It was the the Canadian Steeves, good ol' Patrick.
More experienced than his peers his lessons they came,
And he hollered, and shouted, and called them by name.

"Now, Jair! now, Arnaldo! now, Yuta and Bo!
On, Terry! on Mazulla! on, Mitola and Maceo!
To stifle the Crimson! That must be our goal!
And he scored away! Rebounded away! 19 and 9 in all!"

As the students on break watched on Facebook Live,
When there was a 50/50 ball, to the floor GW would dive,
Heard up in the rafters, where the title banners flew,
Coach Joseph directed, with the scouting report too.

A 15-point cushion at most, and as the game neared its end,
The Colonials didn't break, though some did they bend.
Steeves led 'em in points, rebounds and assists,
In 14 field goal attempts, only six did he miss.



Jair Bolden had 14, including a trio of threes,
His marksmanship on point, brought Harvard to its knees.
Strong defense they played and together they felt,
A contender they've become, seeking the belt.

MoJo's eyes -- how they twinkled! His passion how merry!
His words so inspiring, how powerful? Very!
His team come together, tested by KenPom;
They took their bumps and bruises, but did so with aplomb.

As non-conference play ends, and A-10s are now here,
Terry Nolan Jr. has lent a spark - in his very first year.
A double-digit game for the frosh, with 10 points it was bliss,
But the defense he's provided, gave Coach Joseph his wish.

It wasn't always pretty, but a 7-6 record nonetheless,
For an inexperienced team, they were put to the test.
Thanks to Yuta and Steeves, by elder statesmen they're led.
Let the Smith Center faithful know they had nothing to dread.

Postgame they spoke a few words, then filled up their bellies,
Saint Joseph's now awaits; coached by Phil Martelli.
And laying the grease board down for the night,
They know to win, their defense must be tight.

They must finish each play, not waiting for the whistle to blow,
A new season now starts, with all teams at 0-0.
With non-conference play now out of sight,