Dec. 30, 2006

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George Washington Head Coach Karl Hobbs:

Thoughts on the game:

"I think it was a terrific response in terms of what happened yesterday. Our focus coming into the game was that we really wanted to make sure that we came out in the second half and play with the same energy as in the first half."

"My concern with yesterday is that we struggling putting together 40 minutes. We play a terrific first half, and it looks like if games were only 20 minutes we probably would be undefeated right now, but unfortunately in the NCAA they play 40 minutes, so I had to let my team in on that little secret."

George Washington junior guard Maureece Rice

On tonight's game plan:

"We really didn't have a game, we just wanted to come out and try to get the win like we did and bounce back from the loss."

On if this was a good performance to lead into league play:

"We really wanted to try to win the whole thing, but we lost last night, but came back tonight and got the win. Now we will go back home and get ready for league play."

Colgate Coach Emmett Davis:

Thoughts on the game:

"I thought the first half we really didn't do a good job of executing, and I think the stats were one assist and 14 turnovers or something, just really poor."

"I thought the second half we played much, much better, we competed but still didn't shoot the ball very well, went 2-for-16, 26%, you know two nights in a row we haven't shot the ball well, and we look like a team that hasn't had a lot of practice lately, and we haven't. We had three or four days off over the holidays, and we just didn't look like a sharp team offensively."

On George Washington:

"We knew they were very athletic, and very good, and they played very well."

Regarding rebounding compared to the previous night's game:



"I think because we shot so poorly there were a lot of offensive rebound opportunities and we got 14 of them, so yeah we did a good job there. The thing I was disappointed with was our inability to execute. When you don't execute you don't score and then the defense takes a little bit of a lapse too."

Regarding George Washington's play:

"The tempo at the end of the first half really got up and down in their favor in terms of turnovers and shots; they are really good in transition. That's why I thought Air Force did a really good job last night playing half court style and that's to their benefit, and we needed to do that."

Colgate Forward Kendall Chones:

On the team's play:

"We got ourselves in a hole early, the second half it was tough for us to get out of that. The shots weren't falling, which really wasn't helping us get any momentum."

On what the team expected out of George Washington:

"We expected them to pressure us like they did Air Force yesterday. We tried to prepare for that and spot the holes and knock down shots, but we just didn't execute very well."

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