GW Men's Hoops, #DunkCapital Tours U.S. Capitol

Aug. 14, 2014


@GW_MBB Capitol Tour Photo Gallery

With a new academic year less than two weeks away, the GW men's basketball team capped an intense summer session of workouts, practices and classes with a unique D.C. experience on Thursday as #DunkCapital toured the United States Capitol.

Just nine stops separate GW's Foggy Bottom Metro station from Capitol South, and so the Colonials boarded the Orange Line just before Noon for a trip no other university in the nation can offer.

Entering at the Longworth Office Building, the team passed by the offices of several out-of-session Representatives, including Speaker John Boehner, and through a pair of security checkpoints to reach the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center.

From there, the Colonials were ushered by tour guide Rich Landon through many of the hallowed halls of America's most iconic and influential building:

- The Capitol Rotunda which, despite current work to its canopy, features eight commissioned paintings, including General George Washington Resigning his Commission, and several statues and busts, including the one of George Washington that is identical to the one students pass by daily at University Yard on the Foggy Bottom campus.
- The Crypt, the level below the Rotunda room, and the central star of Washington, D.C., from which all of the city's streets are laid out and numbered.
- Washington's Tomb, located a level beneath the Capitol Crypt and designed to entomb the body of George Washington, but never implemented.
- Old Senate Chamber with the iconic portrait of George Washington overlooking the room.
- National Statuary Hall with John Quincy Adams' "Whisper Spot."
- Old Supreme Court Chamber, and the Cox and Brumidi Corridors.

The team was also afforded a spectacular panoramic view of the district and National Mall from the House Speaker balcony...

...and had the pleasure of bumping into GW alumnus and season ticket holder Scott Raab ('96), legislative assistant for Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and one of many GW alumni who proudly Raise High the Buff and Blue in the Capitol.

While the opportunity to tour the U.S. Capitol is among the many singular experiences available to GW student-athletes, it was the chance for this team to do it with their fellow Colonials that proved special.

"It was great doing something outside of basketball, especially with this group. We've really come together in just this short summer and we were able to have some fun at the Capitol," said senior forward John Kopriva. "We take it for granted sometimes that the Capitol is right there, some of us had never visited before even though it's only a few Metro stops away. It was awesome to take advantage of our unique location in the nation's capital and go as a whole team."

"It was great because we all went as a team for team bonding," added junior forward and Denmark native Kevin Larsen. "We really relaxed, enjoyed each other's company and the privilege to go see such a beautiful building."

"With our summer program ending, I thought this was a great way to do something educational together as a team and also have some fun," said Head Coach Mike Lonergan. "As D.C.'s team, I think it's important for our guys to learn a lot about the district and the important historic events that have shaped our nation and the nation's capital. I was a history major in college and it was definitely educational for me, so hopefully our guys got a lot out of it and enjoyed it."