Blue Prevails in First Ever Buff and Blue Intrasquad Game

Oct. 22, 2010

WASHINGTON, DC - It looked real enough. Referees in striped shirts were blowing whistles. On the court there was shot blocking, steals and three-point plays and in the end, Blue beat Buff, 37-23.

One big difference between this game and any other is that players switched teams during the game. Tim Johnson and Tony Taylor turned their jerseys inside out, signaling a switch to the other side. They were the only two players to put in time for both the Buff and the Blue.

Lasan Kromah stayed with Blue the entire game and led all scorers with 14 points, including six from three-point range. He pulled down four rebounds and had three steals.

Tony Taylor had 13 points, nine for the Buff and four for the Blue.

Blue led at the half, 17-4.

Following the scrimmage, coach Karl Hobbs was interviewed at center court by Colonials' broadcaster Byron Kerr, who then went into the stands to take questions from fans for coach Hobbs.

Coach Hobbs then took the microphone and went into the stands to talk to some prominent members of the audience. He spoke with Tony Taylor's father, assistant coach Greg Collucci's new wife, former Colonial great Yegor Mescheriakov, who is back at GW to earn his master's degree, and spoke with Shi-Heria Shipp and other members of the women's basketball team in attendance.

The Colonials will hit the court again for a preseason exhibition game against Div. II Bowie State on Saturday, November 6, at 2 pm in the Smith Center. Bowie State is coached by former Colonials assistant, Darrell Brooks.



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