GW Men's Rowing Sweeps Competition at SIRA Championships

GW's Varsity 8 won the Gold Medal at the SIRA Championshis on Melton Lake in Oak Ridge, Tenn.

April 19, 2014

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OAK RIDGE, Tenn. - The George Washington men's rowing team won eight straight races over two days and tallied three gold medals at this weekend's Southern Intercollegiate Rowing Association (SIRA) Championships on Melton Lake in Oak Ridge, Tenn.

GW continued its recent surge after last weekend's victory at the George Washington Invitational. GW has now won its last 17 races across the Varsity 8, JV8 and Freshmen 8.

The Colonials also continued their recent success at the SIRA Championships and have now won six gold medals over the past three years at the event.

"It was a really nice weekend for our guys," said Head Coach Mark Davis. "They are doing what they should be doing right now. We will give them a few days off to recover and then it's right back to work to get ready for Georgetown and Rutgers next weekend."

The Varsity 8 and JV8 each won their respective heats on Friday to advance to Saturday morning's semifinals.

The JV8 had an automatic bye into its semifinal and posted a five-second victory over a field of Temple, Oklahoma City, North Carolina, Purdue and Washington University to advance to the Grand Final.

The Freshmen 8 finished seven seconds ahead of Jacksonville in the semifinals to clinch a spot in the Grand Final, while the Varsity 8 edged Temple by five seconds to win its semifinal heat.

The JV8 started GW's gold medal sweep with a victory in the Grand Final, navigating the 2,000-meter course in 6:09.80. Purdue (6:13.50) narrowly edged Temple (6:13.90) for second place, followed by Virginia (6:15.70), Florida Tech (6:26.00) and Oklahoma City (6:32.40).

The Colonials' Freshmen 8 led wire-to-wire in the Grand Final to win the gold medal, finishing in 6:10.80, ahead of Jacksonville (6:17.10), Virginia (6:18.40), Georgia Tech (6:19.20), North Carolina (6:35.10) and Purdue (6:46.50).



The Varsity 8 also enjoyed an open-water victory after holding off a late surge by FIT, winning in 6:04.10. FIT took second place in 6:05.80, followed by Virginia (6:11.60), Temple (6:16.30), Purdue (6:23.00) and North Carolina (6:24.80).

GW returns to action with a series of racing against Georgetown and Rutgers in Princeton, N.J.

Friday Results
Men's Freshmen 8 Heat
GW 6:11.70
Georgia Tech 6:21.9
Colorado 6:32.1
Washington U 6:37.2
Florida 6:42.9

Men's Varsity 8 Heat
GW 6:09.20
OK City 6:14.10
Rollins 6:17.60
Emory 6:49.30
Dayton 6:54.40

Saturday Results
Men's JV8 Semifinal
GW 6:09.20
Temple 6:14.30
OK City 6:17.90
UNC 6:18.10
Purdue 6:23.3
Washington University 6:37.9

Freshmen 8 Semifinal
GW 6:18.60
Jacksonville 6:26.30
North Carolina 6:39.60
Colorado 6:50.20
Vanderbilt 6:56.30
Clemson 6:58.60

Freshmen Varsity 8 Semifinal
GW 6:10.30
Temple 6:15.00
Purdue 6:15.80
Jacksonville 6:18.20
Rollins 6:19.30
Wichita State 6:56.60

Men's JV8 Grand Final
GW 6:09.80
Purdue 6:13.50
Temple 6:13.60
Virginia 6:15.70
Florida Tech 6:26.00
Oklahoma City 6:32.40

Men's Freshmen 8 Grand Final
GW 6:10.80
Jacksonville 6:17.10
Virginia 6:18.40
Georgia Tech 6:19.20 North Carolina 6:35.10
Purdue 6:46.50
Men's Varsity 8 Grand Final
GW 6:04.10
Florida Tech 6:05.80
Virginia 6:11.60
Temple 6:16.30
Purdue 6:23.00
North Carolina 6:24.80

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