Men's Rowing Wraps Regular Season on Sunday

April 30, 2017

WEST WINDSOR, N.J. - The George Washington men's rowing team wrapped its regular season on Sunday afternoon with a series of races against Navy, Columbia and Hobart on Laker Mercer.

Conditions featured a stiff headwind, quartering from the starboard side. Winds increased as racing progressed. Order of racing was 3V8, 4V8, 2V8, V8, 5V8.

The Varsity 8 rowed in a close race, finishing just four seconds behind first-place Columbia and just over one second behind second-place Navy.

GW's 2nd Varsity 8 was victorious with a two-second victory over the field while the 3rd Varsity 8 finished in second place in its respective race.

Varsity 8
Lineup: Elle Watson (c), Kevin Garvis, Brendan Keegans, Joe Gorman, Max Reisser, Bob Hobert, Hugh Tribe, Jonathan Ghaul, Ben Delaney

Columbia 6:17.40
Navy 6:20.30
GW 6:21.60
Hobart 6:32.50

Coach Davis' take: "We were a bit disappointed with the Varsity 8 performance today. They fell behind very quickly off the start. They were able to hold on and not fall back further but Columbia was able to counter and maintain the lead. We were able to draw even with Navy at one point but Navy was able to finish strong. We have been practicing and racing well so it was a bit frustrating for them to not perform up to their ability. But it is a learning process for them and they are anxious to get back to work this week and look forward to Eastern Sprints."

2nd Varsity 8
Lineup: Jess Hagler (c), Devin Hisarli, John Knies, Jay Jacobs, Calvin Hamilton, Matt Kerwin, Colin Burns, Ross Burnaman, Josh Nothnagel

GW 6:28.30
Columbia 6:30.00
Navy 6:32.70
Hobart 6:34.80

Coach Davis' take: "The 2V8 was probably our best performance of the day. They were down off of the start to both Navy and Columbia and then about a third of the way into the race they settled into rhythm and were able to move up through Navy. We caught them at about 1000 meters in and had a really strong second half of the race. Columbia charged up and we were able to hold them off and finish strong. It was probably their best performance this spring. They had a race plan and executed it and it was nice to see."

3rd Varsity 8
Lineup: Berkeley Melvin (c), Loren Bremer, Andy Lin, Maddux Castle, Petter Bang-Andreasen, Brendan Carney, Andy Green, Reed Shrontz, Alastair Watson

Navy 6:35.40
GW 6:41.20
Columbia 6:54.60
Hobart 7:00.70

Coach Davis' take: "I thought the 3V8 did a good job in what was a strong head wind at the time. They improved in their time against Navy from earlier in the year when we scrimmaged them. So that was good to see. I thought it was a solid race with handling the wind and the conditions. They showed some good speed."

4th Varsity 8
Lineup: Benjamin Fernandez (c), Andy Lin, David Lincoln, Connor Barrett, Maddux Castle, Jack Schwirtz, Dylan Goodman, James Hawthorne, Michael Ready

Navy 5V 6:46.40
GW 7:05.80



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