Track/XC's Weber Putting SMPA Skills to Work at NBC News

June 26, 2017

When not training or competing throughout the school year as a member of GW's track/cross country squad, Andrew Weber can be seen traversing the sidelines at GW athletics events with a camera in hand obtaining footage for GWTV's Unstoppable. The rising junior serves as the Executive Producer for the program and can be seen on camera when not running the show as a producer behind the scenes.

With his extensive work at GWTV during the academic year, it is no surprise to find out that Weber is spending his summer gaining real-life experience in the television industry as an intern at NBC News in Washington, D.C. Working closely with NBC's Justice Correspondent Pete Williams and producer Mike Kosnar, Weber's days are spent covering all things related to the Justice Department and the Supreme Court and helping to build news packages that can be seen daily on NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt. caught up with the Chicago native for a deeper look at his #OnlyAtGW internship.

How did you get your internship with NBC?

During winter break, I sent out dozens of applications for different internships in the broadcast field. I applied to stations and networks in my hometown of Chicago, New York and Washington. Out of all the applications I sent, I only heard back from NBC News' Washington Bureau. The interview process involved two phone interviews and a written exam. In March, I was thrilled to be offered an internship with NBC's Justice Correspondent Pete Williams.

How has your course work and involvement with GWTV translated to the internship? What has been the biggest benefit of having those GW experiences in the role with NBC?

The School of Media and Public Affairs and GWTV have both improved my reporting skills and made me fall deeper in love with journalism. Through my time at GW, I have been able to learn about the industry and what goes into creating a broadcast news product. At GWTV, I serve as the Executive Producer for Unstoppable, their campus sports show. In my role as producer, I have been able to plan shows and direct studio recordings from a professional television control room. This experience helped me get an internship in local television last summer.



It has been a very busy year in the world of politics, what is it like working in that field on a daily basis?

Since Pete Williams covers justice and everything associated with the topic, this has been a busy summer for our unit. Stories have ranged from the [former FBI Director James] Comey testimony to leakers at the NSA. It's been amazing to observe and assist with the production of a news package for NBC Nightly News. Until I started work, I never fully appreciated the value of working in a national newsroom. Working down the hall from Andrea Mitchell and seeing GW alum Chuck Todd in the cafeteria makes my internship feel more like a dream rather than a summer job. I look forward to learning even more from my summer with NBC News.

Is there a particular day or news story that led to a crazy or memorable day on the job?

The attack on the Republican baseball team in Alexandria, while terrible, turned June 14 into a major news day. The horrific shooting was being worked by everyone in the Washington Bureau. The event was covered by nearly everyone in the newsroom and I was able to assist the correspondents and producers as they gathered details for their pieces that were put on air on both for NBC and MSNBC.

Looking ahead, is political broadcasting something you would be interested in getting involved with for a full-time career?

Broadcast journalism is vast and I am interested by so many different niches of the industry. It seems every day I want to pursue a different type of visual journalism. However, political journalism will always be in the mix. Politicians will always be newsmakers and will always fascinate me as a news beat.

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