Xavier Post-Game Quotes

Jan. 13, 2008

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#17/17 GW 56
Xavier 46

Post-Game Quotes

GW Coach Joe McKeown
Opening statement
"It was a hard-fought game, typical GW-Xavier. They've been hard-fought match-ups since they joined the league in the mid-90s. Today was really no different. We kept our poise in the second half when they made a run...We felt confident we were going to handle the runs they made. Kim Beck made sure we didn't panic. And Jazmine Adair gave us great play off the bench."

On the low number of turnovers
"We did a great job running our offense, though we didn't shoot well today. I was a little disappointed, since we've been shooting well from the three-point line. We struggled a little bit today, but we didn't turn the ball over. And we played great defense in the first half."

How important was defense because of the poor shooting?
"I was a little disappointed because we gave up 30 points in the second half. We made some mistakes and breakdowns that we don't normally make, and we'll have to clean that up. But when you get into conference play, the games can look tighter. And we have some things to work on."

Are you happy with your defense?
"Not at all. Last year we gave up barely 54 points a game, I think. This year, we're 10 points higher. We're scoring more...Last year's team took pride in every possession defensively. This team is still trying to find its identity. All the injuries and different positions, we haven't had the consistency we had last year."

What's the difference between the team after Rutgers and the team now?
"Players need confidence games. Sarah-Jo Lawrence got that against Texas A&M and Villanova. Right now, she's playing with a lot of confidence. Whitney Allen is playing with a lot of confidence, but she always does. Right now, we just need to get everyone on the floor."

Junior center Jessica Adair
How important was tonight's game as the conference opener and on national TV?
"Our plan is to come out and dominate the A-10. Tonight was a start. We're planning on keeping up and up in conference play."

Is the team playing the way you thought it would at the beginning of the season?
"Yes, we don't want any hiccups. Everybody has a few of them, and we did. But luckily, we got rid of them early."

On the match-up with Ta'Shia Phillips.
"She's a big body and very physical. But I wasn't worried about it because I'm a big body and very physical. It was a great match-up, and I did my job."

Senior guard Kimberly Beck
Was there more intensity tonight because Xavier is your toughest conference opponent?
"No matter who's out there, we're going to play hard. It was nice to have the home opener with everyone back and Xavier here. It gave us a lot of energy. But regardless of who it is--first, second, last--we're going to play hard."

Is your defense at a different level than it has been?
"We were fighting a lot of injuries early, and people were playing positions that they don't normally play. Now we have gotten the kinks out, and we're ready to turn it up on defense."

How did the guards keep Xavier from getting the ball inside?
"You have to give that credit to the post. Jess and Jaz were very active out there and got a lot of tips. They didn't sit in one position and allow her to duck in like she wanted. They stayed really active, and that stopped that."

How did you react to their second half run?
"We're a veteran team, so we didn't panic. We didn't handle their press well during that little run, but it wasn't anything we hadn't see before. It was a matter of taking our time and getting the ball where it needed to be."

Xavier Coach Kevin McGuff
On GW's improving play
"They had a lot of injuries starting out. Now they're healthy and playing well. They certainly deserved to win the game today."

Any thoughts on the chance of meeting them again later in the season?
"We're a young team. We're growing and getting better, and we just got the two transfers. There are a lot of games ahead of us. I know if we play them again, they're going to play hard and do what they know how to do. They always play tough."

What's tougher to prepare for and defend--GW's frontcourt or backcourt?
"That's the reason that makes them a great team--they're very balanced. They have a great point guard who controls and runs the team. Their post players are very big and strong and physical."



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