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Jan. 23, 2005

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GW 97
St. Bonaventure 42

GW Coach Joe McKeown
On the team's maturation:

"One thing we're doing well is seizing the moment. You reach a point where if you can step it up, you can blow the game open. Earlier in the year when we had so many different lineups, we didn't understand that concept of playing like you're down by 10 when you're up by 10 and putting people away. It's not easy, because you have to have some explosion on the offensive end."

On the progression of Sarah-Jo Lawrence:
"Unfortunately because of graduation and injuries, we threw her to the wolves in November. She's starting to recover from that. And all those games on the road made it tough. She's handled it well, but she's just now started to get her confidence back, which is important for a freshman."

On getting contributions from the bench:
"Corinne Turner is starting to show some signs of life. She'll be the first to admit that she hasn't had as good a year so far as we'd expected. If we can get her going, it's a different world for us because it gives you an inside presence who can score. Liz Dancause is always real solid for us. That was the difference in the Xavier game, we couldn't score off the bench. Against Richmond, they gave us 18 points and we won."

On how GW's win over St. Bonaventure helps:
"It gives everyone a chance to contribute. Sometimes it's hard to get into the game, which is tough for a college athlete because you always want to play. It makes your team chemistry a lot better."

On GW's upcoming game at Temple:
"We've beaten Temple the past few years, but they've all been great games. They've come down to buzzer-beaters and plays at the end of the game. I'm sure they'll be ready to play, but so will we. Maybe it's a preview of the A-10 Championship game. They've separated themselves from the A-10 East, and that's our goal in the West. It will be a great game."



Freshman Kimberly Beck
On getting used to the college game:
"Obviously, the more you play, the more experience you get. I'm getting a lot of minutes because Amanda [LoCascio] is out, so I'm getting a lot more comfortable out there. Also, I shot a lot more after practice this week because I've been off."

On team chemistry:
"It's kind of difficult playing with Anna [Montañana] because you never know what she's going to do. The more we play, the more we're getting on the same page. Sarah-Jo [Lawrence] and I play very well together. She runs the floor well and I can always count on her getting down court. I feel like we're clicking at the right time."

On keys to victory against Temple:
"We need to keep our composure no matter what happens--up by 50, down by 50--just always keep our composure. I think we run the floor better than anybody else in the league, so we need to keep that up."

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