Jan. 29, 2004

Recap?|? Box Score

GW 88
Duquesne 71

Postgame quotes
GW Coach Joe McKeown
on the 7-player rotation
"That's not our intent. We've been doing a better job of getting people in and out. Tonight, it seemed that every time like I wanted to sub, Duquesne made a little run and I decided to leave them in. We've been doing a good job of getting them some rest and people have stepped up. I've got to give them more opportunities too."

on Amanda Loccasio
"She's a terrific player, and she gets frustrated. She turned the ball over a little more than usual. She's a freshman and that's a terrific learning experience. You just can't accellerate it."

Are the expectations for this team reasonable?
"There's been a lot of comparisons between this team and the great teams we've had. I've been challenging our team a little bit against history. I need to give them the chance to establish their own identity. But I'll be happy if we finish the same way we did last year--maybe play a little bit better in the 2nd round of the NCAAs."

Cathy Joens
Do GW's inside and outside threats make the difference, especially at home?
"I think it is, especially in a game like this where they don't have much of an inside game. So anything I miss, Ugo's going to clean it up and score. Once we sprea the floor and we get an inside-outside game, it's hard to guard us."

Is there a point in the game where you decide it's time to take over?
"Usually you have to let the game come to you. In the flow of the game, you'll get your shots."

on the assists from Anna Monta?ana
"She's an amazing passer. Once we get everybody cutting to the basket, she drops it off to everybody because she's so unselfish."

How does the physical game affect your mindset?
"It's rough when the any team is trying to come back, trying to score points. We just need to be more focused. We also need to stay healthy. If any one of us goes down, like Anna did tonight, we can't afford that. We just need to stay focused, run our offense, and stay out of trouble situations."



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