Post Game Quotes

Feb. 2, 2003

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GW 90
Rhode Island 38

Post-Game Quotes

GW Coach Joe McKeown

...on GW's performance against what was the A10's top-ranked defense

"I can see why they were the best watching tape of their other games. They're real quick and athletic. We were able to handle the ball well against their defense. Our passing is so much better than it was a month ago. We're quicker and we're executing much better. We forced their defense to play to our strength, which was inside out. Everybody in the first half was really on their game."

...on Valerie William's 6-for-6 performance

"She's something...Nothing seems to affect her. She's so consistent because that's the way she is as a person every day--no ups and downs. That's a credit to her. She never gets flustered on the floor. She's really starting to step up to be the player we hoped to be when we signed her. I think she and Marsheik--my Florida girls--are starting to get used to the cold up here."

...on how things are shaping up for the A10 tournament.

"Sometimes you go into the tournament with different expectations even though you're the #1 seed. I never went into that tournament thinking we had to win it; we were always the 'X' that everyone else wanted to beat. We always felt like we would still make the NCAA tournament even if we didn't win...Last year really took me back a little. We went 15-1 [in the conference] and won 20 games playing a national schedule and still didn't get into the NCAAs. It really put a premium on the conference tournament. The sting that left from last year has been a motivating force this year."

"This month really sets things up for the tournament. You always want to play your best basketball in February and March. We're hitting our stride now...we're sending a message that we're starting to become a great basketball team good. I want our players to feel confident that they are a great basketball team too."



...on Cathy Joens

"She's well past the point of me coaching her so she just plays. She's not somebody you want to put a lot of restrictions on; you want to let her go. We've given her the green light and every other light you can think of. There's not a bad shot for her to take."

GW F Cathy Joens

...on GW's performance against what was the A10's top-ranked defense

"Our defense dictated our offense today. We stopped them on defense and got our transition going. That's when we play our best basketball."

GW C Ugo Oha

...on the performance of the reserves

"They are able to come in and feed off of our energy. If the five starters aren't on, I know our bench will come out and play aggressively. Our practices are a lot harder; when we go, there are days when the reserves beat the starters. It's very competitive. It makes playing the game easier."

GW C Valerie Williams

..on the performance of the reserves

"We've been practicing on working as a team, and maintaining the level that we're playing at and have been successful with...Our team as a whole is playing together better, no matter who's playing together."

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