Feb. 6, 2004

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February 6, 2004

GW 73
Fordham 45

Postgame quotes

GW Coach Joe McKeown
[Is this a nerve-wracking game to have this late in the season?]
"Our players are doing a better job of not taking things for granted. Fordham is a much improved team. They have some size, they have a couple of shooters on the outside. But we did a great job defensively. They only shot 30 percent, and we kept them off the foul line pretty much."

"That was a defensive game. Offensively, we weren't real crisp. In the 2nd half, we rebounded pretty well and got out in transition. And that wasn't Anna's best game. But the bar for her has been set pretty high...We just didn't get the flow we wanted."

[on Marsheik Witherspoon]
"Defensively, she was phenomenal tonight. She was everywhere. And she's in a tough situation. Because of Ugo and CJ and Anna, they're not guarding Marsheik, so she gets open shots. The question is, do you let her run the offense or shoot the ball. We'd rather have her run the offense and take shots in the flow of what we do."

"Pound for pound, inch for inch she's the best rebounder we've got in terms of anticipation and jumping quickly. The problem is she's got a ways to go from the ground to the rim. But her instincts and quickness are great."

Ugo Oha
"These games are hard against the teams in our conference. That's why coach scheduled us against top 20, top 5 teams. You expect to play good teams in March and the conference games prepare you for that. But we already have that experience, so it is a little hard to come out and play as hard as we can."

[on the role of the defense in games like this]
"Coach always says don't let your offense be your defense. That's what we focus on in practice, then do offense last. Our team is so focused on keeping the other team under a certain numer or points or to a certain shooting percentage."



[on Marsheik's role as a scorer]
"Teams are really not playing her. They sag off 'Sheik, they sag off Liz, and we tell them to shoot. Now instead of trying to stop Oha, Jones, and Montanana, they've got to think about those two. I don't know why they keep sagging off of 'Sheik because she's going to shoot."

Marsheik Witherspoon
[on running the offense and scoring]
"It's not a challenge because they're not really playing me. It's a four on five, and I'm open. It's not that difficult to score. But it's always been more natural for me to pass rather than shoot."

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