Feb. 15, 2004

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February 15, 2004

GW 80
Dayton 62

Postgame quotes

GW Coach Joe McKeown
on the 10-game winning streak
"It doesn't feel like it. [After the Richmond win] I thought we were so solid. We did everything we wanted to do. This week, I didn't feel like we were real crisp. We had a death in our program-a very special person, Dr. Schiff-and I think this was a very emotional week for us. We didn't practice Monday or Wednesday. Not to make excuses...but this was a tough week for us."

"Looking back at the Xavier game, there were a couple of chances when were up 8 or 9, and I thought we were going to break the game open. They made some shots, we stopped; we didn't play well down the stretch. So throw out those 6 or 7 minutes in that game and the first 6 or 7 minutes today, we played pretty well. We just have to get back into sync a little bit."

Why didn't Ugo start?
"It was a Coach's decision, violation of team rules. Nothing bad....no big deal."

on Anna Montanana's performance
"The bar has been raised so high for her...She missed a couple of open 3s, and I guarantee she'll be in here tomorrow practicing perimeter shots. Her expectations are proably a little unrealistic, and we may be a little guilty of that too, because we've seen what she capable of. She's gotta have fun, that's here game. You can't take this too seriously with her."

on the team's defensive lapses
"I think it's just lack of communication. That's going to bite us if we don't correct it. Dayton wasn't good enough to make us pay for that mistake, Xavier almost was. And you can bet Rhode Island will be eager to try. We have 3 tough road games in a row. You can't lookahead to the A10 tournament or the NCAA tournament. We have to clean up [the defense] and be ready for Rhode Island, who we played in the A10 championship game last year.



Anna Montanana
on her performance in the past two games
"I don't feel like I'm playing that good, actually. I made points today, but I still feel like I'm struggling. I'm making some mistake on defense, and I'm not shooting well. I feel like I can do better."

on the team's slow starts and 10-game winning streak
"Some we've played well, and others we haven't. The important thing is that we're winning. We know we have to start more aggressively and make the points sooner."

Valerie Williams
on going from being the sixth-player to starting today
"It doesn't matter to me. I'm comfortable coming off the bench. It's a matter of who's playing the hardest."

on the team's slow starts
"We've been starting slow lately instead of playing the whole game. And we know that. We're trying to pick it up. We're not underestimating the other teams at all."

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