Saint Joseph's Post-Game Quotes

Feb. 23, 2007

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#9/9 GW 87
Saint Joseph's 60

Post-Game Quotes

GW Coach Joe McKeown
Opening statement
"We played really well the first 10-to-12 minutes of the game. We had a few breakdowns and St. Joe's took advantage of them. But we came out in the second half with the same type of energy and got to where they could never catch up. I was really proud of them tonight. St. Joe's is a dangerous team because they shoot the ball so well. They've always been a team that gives you trouble."

Were you concerned the players would start looking ahead to Temple?
"No, this team has done a great job all season. Even when we got into the national rankings, they've done a great job on focusing on the next game and not getting caught up with looking down the road. They've handled it very well."

How important was it to put St. Joe's away early?
"St. Joe's is dangerous, so I wanted to make a statement early. We did a great job of turning them over and running. And obviously we did a good job of shooting in the first 10 minutes of the gane, Same with the start of the 2nd half. We made a couple of runs and that helped shut them down."

On scoring 50 points in the paint...
"Obviously we have a size advantage. We want to make sure we take advantage of it....Down the road, I hope we see a lot more of playing Jessica and Jazmine Adair at the same time."

Your thoughts on Kenan Cole as she nears the end of her career at GW...
"There's not a harder working player in college basketball...When she got here, she made herself a better player. It's nothing that I or anybody else did. Kenan Cole did that. Her work ethic and focus are just very special. And to be a 4.0 student in engineering, and be that self-disciplined--she's just a very special person. Sunday will be a celebration, but it will also be sad because she brings so much to our team that never gets in the stats. She's an unsung type of player."



On how the Temple series has grown in importance in the past years...
"We've had great games. Last year we beat them twice, then they got us in the final [of the A-10 Tournament]. This year, we're playing them only once in the regular season and both teams happen to be undefeated. I certainly respect them and the year that they're having. It's become a real good rivalry. It should be a fun game on Sunday."

Junior guard Sarah-Jo Lawrence
On getting off to a fast start...
"We came out with fire. We threw it inside and our big people were handling it. When they collapsed, we kicked it out and got open looks from that. And we were tearing apart their zone, and did it effectively, going inside-out."

Was this GW's best performance of the year?
"Definitely, especially in the beginning. Everybody was on the same page and hitting shots. Then we let them come back a little bit near the half. But that really didn't stop us. We came out strong in the second half."

How important is it to give a Kenan a win in her last home game at GW?
"So much! The season has been a great one, and we want to go out undefeated and give Kenan a great senior year."

Sophomore center/forward Jessica Adair
Did you feel like the game was over early?
"No, St. Joe's is a good team, and to think the game was over early would be crazy. We know that there's a possibility for any opponent to get back into the game, so we had to keep playing hard."

Senior guard/forward Kenan Cole
Was there a temptation to look ahead to Temple on Sunday?
"There's always that temptation, but this season we've really been focusing on taking one game at a time. So it's no different here. We don't want it to sneak up on us."

Did the layoff from your injury help you start the game so well?
"Actually, I played a whole AAU season on a sprained ankle. So another sprained ankle isn't really that big of a deal. But our training staff and the ice machine have been my biggest friends the past couple of weeks."

Saint Joseph's Coach Cindy Griffin
Opening statement
"George Washington played very well. They opened the game shooting, I think, 80 percent. We never recovered, and that's pretty much the story from there. We showed some fight, closed the gap to 10, but weren't able to close that gap all game. It just snowballed."

"George Washington did a great job on our guards. We're a guard-oriented team, we depend on making shots. And we did not make shots today."

Is GW the best team you've seen this year?
"I'd say yes. They're different in the way they're the best. They're the best zone team I've seen all year. They're also deep in the post; they can play the Adair sisters and that's something that most teams don't have--that depth with that caliber of player."

Did you know you'd have problems when GW got off to a fast start?
"I'm disappointed with the way we started the game, with turnovers and missed shots. Then it was catch-up from there. They're too good of a team. We've been in that situation before, but not against a team like that. Everything we tried to do, they came right back at us."

How does GW compare to Temple?
"Temple is a rebounding team, they're the best shooting team in the conference, but I think they get a lot of lay-ups and mid-post jump shots. They're similar in that way to GW, and also from an athletic standpoint. But Temple is a man-to-man team, and GW is a zone team. That's where they differ."

How have you seen Kenan Cole improve over the years?
"In watching film, it looks like she bails them out a lot with her hustle plays and big shots down the stretch. She and Beck are pretty persistent in how they attack the game. Cole's three-point shooting has gotten better, her pull-up jumper is her bread-and-butter. Tonight she played 24 minutes and scored 13 points, so she's pretty efficient."

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