Post Game Quotes

Feb. 27, 2005

Recap |  Box Score

GW 47
La Salle 46

Coach Joe McKeown

On receiving a bye in the Atlantic 10 Championship:
"They bye will come in handy because we need to get some bumps and bruises healed. Nothing major, but it's good to have some time for us; our kids have had to play a lot of minutes. I'm not sure we could play four games in four days."

On if fatigue played a role against La Salle:
"I don't know. It's hard to tell. We're going to have to understand that when you play in a tournament, you can't have any letdowns. You can't have that bad half that sends you packing. We played so well against Xavier last Sunday, so maybe the emotions from that carried over to this week."

On why La Salle always seems to give GW a good game:
"They don't take quick shots. They have the ball a lot, and you're on defense a lot when you play them. They reverse the ball, they run a lot of cuts, and all five players have the green light to shoot. It's hard to help off of certain players."

Sophomore Kenan Cole

On her improved shooting over the last two games:
"That period in the middle of the season was very frustrating. My focus for the past few games has been to be as intense as possible the whole time and not worry if my shots go in or out. I was trying to focus more on what I could do on defense."

Senior Anna Montañana

On hitting the game-winning free throw on Senior Day:
"Right now, I'm not really happy because I felt I had a really bad game. Things didn't go the way I wanted them to. I didn't shoot as well as I wanted to, but it was nice to have a chance to make that free throw. A win is a win, and I'll take as many as we can get."

On telling the under classmen about playing in the Atlantic 10 Championship:
"One of the most important things is to rest as much as possible between games. You need to stay focused and not worry about what's happened earlier in the season because now, it really doesn't matter. Play like you know. The fact that you're here is because you know how to play."



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