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March 7, 2005

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Temple 70
GW 62

GW Coach Joe McKeown
On playing a tough Temple team:

You can't spot them leads, and then try to make it up. It takes so much energy because they're an outstanding defensive team. It's not like you can just come down, turn them over and score; they make you work hard."

Tonight, it felt like we were climbing from behind the whole game. We'd cut it to two or four, but it'd take so much energy to get to that point. Then they'd come down and Dupree would make a play, or Jordan, or Hairston. I give them a lot of credit; they have a lot of ways to beat you."

On defending Candice Dupree:
"A player like that is someone they look for all the time...I thought Jessica (Simmonds), Anna (Montanana) , and Corinne Turner battled her hard. We did a good job, but we broke down at times."

On the struggles of GW's guards:
"Kim Beck is a freshman and unfortunately due to injuries and other reasons, she's had to score for us, she's had to become our third scorer behind Montanana and Simmonds. It's tough when you have to run the team and feel like you have to make shots. It's no secret that this team really has to grind to score, and everybody else knows that too, so they're helping on Jessica or Anna. Kenan Cole has had some good nights for us, but after that, it's by committee trying to get some offense."

On GW's chances of making the NCAA Tournament:
"I felt like we were in going into the tournament itself. To get into the final, and beat Richmond--a three times, North Carolina State, and Villanova--I think we've taken care of our own business. The only thing we didn't do was finish it tonight. But looking back over the year, we're as competitive as anybody out there. I think we'll get in; I'm just concerned about where they're going to put us."



Senior Anna Montanana
On trying to get back into the game after falling behind so many times: "We knew that if we got behind Temple, it'd be pretty hard to come back. We fought through it most of the second half. I think my team gave 130 percent today."

On not getting shots to fall:
"We have a really, really young team. This was their first big final at home, and at first we were really tight. But I think we were more relaxed in the second half and played much better."

Junior Jessica Simmonds On Temple's post defense:
"I don't think it made me change my shots. I was rushing and should have let the game come to me more."

On the performance of Candice Dupree
"Dupree hit a lot of b ig shots. We did what we could inside. We always had a hand up, but she would step back. You can't really defend that without fouling herl. She played a great game today, and we did what we could as a team."

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