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Nov. 6, 2004

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Coach Joe McKeown
On the team's performance:
"We were looking at a lot of different people and we still have a lot of injuries. We are still trying to come up with lineups of individuals who can play together, but I think we played hard. I liked the intensity we played with and defensively, we did a terrific job. Everyone's Internet is a team that scored 78 on LSU (in an exhibition), as well as 90 or 100 on a couple other good teams. I thought we got back defensively and made them have to work."

On the play of GW's freshmen:
"I thought they were nervous and struggled at times. They played hard and I include Whitney (Allen) in that group as well. Kimberly Beck played with a lot of poise. She had a few turnovers which I think she will learn from and wo n't make the next game. I thought Sarah-Jo Lawrence was real active and made things happen. She didn't shoot very well, but I'm not so worried about that and I believe she will be a terrific player. They all did some good things."

On the team's lack of three-point attempts:
"They played us man-to-man most of the game, because they are really quick and physical. That type of defense isn't going to allow us to attempt many open three's. What it did allow us is opportunities to get to the basket and the foul line, but we missed so many lay-ups. I thought we really got to the basket well and Jessica Simmonds gave us a little insight into what we can expect from her."

Senior Jessica Simmonds
On her performance:
"It was good to be back on the court again. I thought overall I was ok with my game today. I know I could have done a lot more to help my team."

On the play of the younger players:
"Everybody has to step up and they are fittin g in well. We have a lot to work on as you can see, but we are going to come through and get it done."



Sophomore Kenan Cole
On the team's performance:
"I think we played very hard and everyone came out ready to go. It seemed like we were a little nervous at the beginning and our offense needs more time to gel, but with everyone playing hard it will come."

On Everyone's Internet
"They were good and very quick. They didn't shoot that well from the outside consistently, but I think we did a good job containing their penetration. We need to box out and rebound because they crashed the boards hard."

On what she will take away from game:
"We need to improve on boxing out and keep communicating on offense and defense. We communicated well on defense, but not so much on the offensive end and we need to get in a little better flow."

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