Nov. 13, 2003

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November 13, 2003

GW 76 (Exhibition)
Tennessee Fury 74

Post-game comments

GW Coach Joe McKeown
"I thought we did a lot of good things. We got everybody in who was healthy to play. We got up by 10 or 12, but just couldn't put them away. They'd turn us over and get a layup, they stuck a 3 one time that was big. But they have some very good players who were great players in college."

On the freshmen
"Amanda [Locascio] did a good job too. She found people, she has real good court vision. But she needs to learn how to guard people in college. But she was guarding some quick players, who are strong and 24, 25 years old. She'll learn, though."

"With Corinne [Turner], it's feast or famine. She'll make a great play, then throw the ball away or be out of position. We have get her where the feast is more than the famine. But that comes with experience. She's immensely gifted and she's very smart, which is a pretty good combination."

On Anna Montanana's pass
"Anna's very creative, so you have to give her room to be do those things. And you'll have to live with some things [like turnovers]. You don't want to turn her into a conservative player, but you have to draw the line where she has to make some great decisions. But you get her in transition and she sees everything. She has amazine court vision."

On the season opener with Georgetown
"It will be a great way to start the season. But it's also November, and you're going to make some mistakes. I'm not going to tell you we're going to be in mid-season form next Friday, but we'll be ready to play. We do need to clean some things up, and make sure we have the right people shooting the ball."

Anna Montanana
On her two fancy passes
"I don't think you'll see that every game, especially when I have so many turnovers like tonight. I made the pass because Cathy was open. But six turnovers is not the way it should be."



"It's natural. I don't think about what I do until I do it. But that's why I have so many turnovers too."

On the team's play
"This kind of team is not very organized, which makes them difficult to play. We played the same way they did, instead of playing the way we should."

Corrine Turner
On her first game
"I missed a couple of shots in the beginning, but all in all it was pretty good. It helped having Amanda [Locascio] on the floor too because we played together in high school. It's like each of us knows where the other is all the time."

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