Rutgers Post-Game Quotes

Nov. 18, 2007

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#14/12 GW 42
#6/7 Rutgers 67

Post-Game Quotes

GW Coach Joe McKeown
Opening statement
"I'm embarrassed for our team and for all the fans [who provided] the tremendous atmosphere to start the game tonight. I hope it doesn't discourage people from coming back. This game got away from us early. I'm embarrassed by our effort, and I promise that you won't see that again the rest of the year."

Were the players frustrated by not being able to score early?
"We just couldn't make a shot in the first half. I thought we did some good things defensively, but Rutgers made tough shots. They hit jumpers with people in their face. In basketball, when things don't go your where, they start to snowball. There were a couple of places at the end of the first half where we went backwards. Had we been able to go into the half down 12 or 13, I thought we'd still be OK, but unfortunately it didn't happen."

"We've thrown a lot at our team this week. This early in the season, we're not going to let this loss do anything but be a learning tool."

On Rutgers defense
"That's their forte. In the Final Four last year, they did the same thing to LSU--just shut them down. They're capable of that. You can't miss a beat when you have an open look. You have to knock it down. Our big guns had a tough night. But they'll bounce back."

How do you put the team back on track?
"You have to get some momentum, and get some wins under your belt. Between now and January, you're trying to get better, but you'll have some ups and downs. When you have an experienced team like us, you can go out and play a national schedule and hopefully get through it. But tonight was a curve ball for us."

Were there some mental lapses on the offensive end of the floor?
"It happened on both ends of the floor. It was a complete breakdown. It happens, but it doesn't happen to us very often. We left people open, we guarded the wrong person. Just a lot of mental mistakes that came out of frustration at times...Tonight was a kick in the stomach, but we'll bounce back."



Senior guard Sarah-Jo Lawrence
Are you disappointed about not being able to make a game against a ranked opponent?
"You can't let it dictate how you respond the rest of the season. The game happened, and we have to take it for what it is."

Senior guard Kimberly Beck
On Rutgers' defense
"They made us work for every basket we got. They challenged us on defense, and we really didn't respond very well. They shut us down, and we have to get better on offense in practice tomorrow."

How frustrating is it to fall behind so early?
"In the first 5 or 10 minutes, we started beating ourselves. They were hitting wide-open shots, and it created a hole that we couldn't get out of early. We can't give them early leads like that and big runs that we can't respond to."

Rutgers Coach C. Vivian Stringer
Opening statement
"It was nice to see us bounce back and play excellent team defense, get to the boards, recognize how to win, and do this against a very good team. It was nice to see the fans come out and support George Washington. It's extremely difficult when people come just once in a while. I've been on that end of things. I know the team wanted to play well. It was a nice crowd, and the coach and the team deserve that."

"I don't like playing people like George Washington because I know the coach prepares the team very well. They've had some impressive wins. So it was important for our team to respond with a great defensive effort. We moved the ball well and stepped up to the challenge."

How badly did you need a good effort tonight?
"We definitely needed the effort. We needed to see how we can play...I've been kind of frustrated with the way we played. It was like we wanted to hold on to where we were...It was great to see that we can shut people down. We know we can, we just haven't done it. We needed to put everything in its place and focus on the priorities, which was defense...."

"I took the timeout with a couple of minutes to go because I was upset with people that we in because they lackadaisically let things happen on defense, and that is unacceptable. As I said with them, everybody who's on the floor for us deserves what they get...There is a lot of things we learned tonight."

On Rutgers' 20-0 run in the second half
"I don't remember that [specifically]...I do know that we played good defense. We were very focused, and we were a little slack in the last 4 or 5 minutes, but we avenged ourselves when we really got after those two out-of-bounds possessions. I was proud of the way we responded to that."

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