Nov. 21, 2004

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November 21, 2004

GW 67 ECU 34

Postgame quotes

Coach Joe McKeown
On comparing the team's performance with Friday night's game at Georgetown:
"A lot of it was getting the opening game out of the way and just relaxing a bit. Whitney Allen came out and set the pace defensively today. That's somebody you don't want guarding you; she's like a blanket, a spider. She's got arms everywhere, she's really athletic and quick. Their kid (Jennifer) Jackson had 22 against Duquense, and we shut her down entirely."

How does this game prepare you for Tennessee?
"We got to look at different combinations. The mistakes we make here we won't get away with down there. Today was a confidence game, especially when a team only scores eight field goals on you. It was a good way to open the (home) season."

On the backcourt:
"Kim Beck looked much better today; she struggled against Georgetown. She opened the game with a three. That showed me a lot; I didn't tell her to do that. (Amanda) LoCascio played well too. We're getting solid play from her. Sarah-Jo (Lawrence) is all over the place. She's like a wild colt. But she's really talented."

What are your expectations playing at Tennessee?
"I appreciate that Pat Summitt will come here and play. A lot of other teams at that level wouldn't do it. For us to go down there is great for our kids too. It's been a great series; it'd be even better if we could beat them. I thought we had a good chance last year; we just couldn't get it done in the last few minutes. I think our kids will be excited, and the good thing is that we've played them before. It's not like you're going into an evironment you've never been in before. For our freshmen, it'll be interesting; they're not used to thousands people in orange yelling at them."



Freshman Sarah-Jo Lawrence
On the her development:
"This being my second college game, before I was kind of nervous. Now, from practicing a lot and game experience, it's getting a lot better. I can make smarter plays, and attack, and basically be a smarter player."

Sophomore Amanda LoCascio
On her role:
"Starting doesn't have a big effect on my game. Right now, I'm going through some injuries, and not going full in practice. It's hard for coach to put me on the spot when Kim (Beck) is going the whole practice and playing really well. I think it brings a whole new aspect to our team with me coming off the bench."

"I'm definitely not upset about it. Being a veteran point guard, of course everybody wants to start. But in the end, it's whoever gets it done. I just want our team to play well and to win."

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