GW at Tennesee - November 26, 2002

Nov. 26, 2002

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TENNESSEE vs. GEORGE WASHINGTON Post-Game Quotes November 26, 2002


"I think I would have rather of played this game in February. I thought we needed to answer Tennessee's runs, but we didn't do that. We were able to cut the lead in the second half, but eventually we ran out of gas. I'm proud of our team, though, and the way we played tonight. We just couldn't match up with them for 40 minutes."


"We came out tentative in the first half. We knew that Tennessee would come at us hard and they did. Even after we cut their lead in the second half we knew they would keep coming right back at us."


"We knew what a great team Tennessee is and that we would all have to play a great game to win. We gave everything we had out there, but it wasn't enough."

TENNESSEE HEAD COACH PAT SUMMITT: "Overall, I thought our defensive intensity was much improved. We played with more energy and played better in the half-court. Our starters got us off to a strong start. We answered their run in the second half. There were too many turnovers for my liking. We ran our motion offense more and better tonight than we have this season."

(on coming back following Sunday's loss to Duke) "The team I coached on Sunday-I hadn't seen that team all fall. It was like a deer in the headlights. We looked stunned. When you are in a situation like that, you either get more aggressive or become tentative. The challenge is to get back to playing with intensity. Tonight, we got the rebounds. We got the loose balls. It was very encouraging for all of us, particularly for this team."

(on turnovers) "We had three turnovers that were absolutely unnecessary. We got a little careless. The turnovers came from players coming off the bench, and that's unacceptable. They have to be able to come in and keep us at the same level of intensity and execution."

(on the Tennessee starting lineup) "They're playing super. They were clicking. I didn't want to disrupt them. Ashley Robinson's presence was big. She was getting the rebounds and blocking sots. Loree (Moore) and Kara (Lawson) did a super job on ball pressure and denial. I thought it was the best total game that Loree Moore has played at Tennessee. She had a lot to learn from the Duke game. She came back tonight and responded. That's worth taking note of. Things flowed well offensively."



(on the play of Gwen Jackson) "Gwen was probably as disappointed as anyone with the loss on Sunday. She knows that she has to put up big numbers for us. She has to get on the board, play great defense, and score for us. Tonight, she was mad at herself for the turnovers. From day one of practice, she has been playing with desire."

KARA LAWSON: "We were disappointed in ourselves on Sunday. We were embarrassed. Monday, we watched film. It was great to have a game 48 hours after that game. It was better than having five-six days to practice."

"The coaches challenged our starting lineup to set the tempo for this game. That's so important. The rest of the game can hinge on the energy of the starters. Our defense allowed us to get easy opportunities on offense."

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