Texas A&M Post-Game Quotes

Dec. 20, 2007

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#22 George Washington - 66
#10 Texas A&M - 65
Final - OT

Post-Game Quotes

GW Coach Joe McKeown
Opening statement
"It was a tough, hard-nosed game. I give A&M a lot of credit too because they came up here on the road and gave it right to us. It was one of those wild games, especially with the four-point play. Everyone was contesting every shot. It was a playground-type game where nobody wanted to walk off the court without the ball."

On Sarah-Jo Lawrence's performance
"She's one of the few players we've had who can create her own shots when she wants, and that's a big advantage. I'm really proud of her, she's playing like a senior. And to hit that three without rushing it showed a lot of poise."

After A&M's four-point play to tie the game, did it seem like the players were rushing things?
"We had a couple of bad turnovers. Whitney [Allen] struggled a little bit, but she redeemed herself in overtime. I stick with her because she's a fifth-year senior, and she's going to make those plays up somewhere down the line. And she did score a big bucket in overtime. A&M's a terrific defensive team. They're right up there with Rutgers as the toughest defensive team we'll play all year. Because of the pace of the game, we started to run out of gas toward the end as well."

What does it say about GW when it can beat the #10 team in the country without Jessica Adair, and with Kim Beck going only 3-for-16?
"It says you have people willing to step up on any given night. We've been so beat up all semester, and haven't been able to practice at a high level. We need to get people back on the floor over the break and start practicing hard."

What was the last play you drew up at the end of regulation?
"We were trying to get Antelia off that back screen, and have Sarah-Jo pop out to see if they'd switch. A&M defended it pretty well. Fortunately, they turned their heads and Sarah-Jo made a pretty good back-cut. She didn't rush the shot or chuck it up; she stayed poised and squared up and shot it."



Senior guard Kimberly Beck
How does it feel to set the assists record tonight?
"It's just a testament to the teammates I've had, especially with Sarah-Jo scoring 29 tonight. That's just money. But the others I've played with have all been great scorers."

Is the team all the way back from the struggles of a few weeks ago?
"One thing that we really picked up was our defense. We felt like this is the first game where our defense was really where it needs to be, and where it was last year. We need to keep up with that. Everyone's getting healthy, Jessica will be back after the break. We're really starting to get rolling now."

Senior guard Sarah-Jo Lawrence
Where does tonight rank among your best games?
"That's got to be one of the best I've ever played. I guess I was in the zone all night. And with Jessica out, I had to do something to step it up because that was a big chunk of our points."

Did being honored before the game (1,000 career points) help pump you up?
"Maybe. I just knew that this was a big game, going home after this. You definitely want to win before Christmas break, so we were excited and ready to play."

What were you thinking before you took that last three-point shot?
"On the bench [during the timeout], I knew we needed a three. And it was just one of those situations where you never know if you'll be the person to take it. You're just trying to get ready and get focused. It just ended up with me taking the shot."

How important was it to get up early in overtime?
"We had so much momentum going into overtime, we knew it was our time to shine. It seemed like they were kind of fatigued at that point, and we took over. Our defense was on, we struggled some on offense, but we got the buckets we needed to win."

Texas A&M Coach Gary Blair
Did you have a good scouting report on Sarah-Jo Lawrence?
"It said she was going to drive every time she had the ball, and that's what she did. When they ran that weave early on, we had [A'Quonesia Franklin] switched off on her, and that's just a mismatch. She just took her down low and scored at will. Then we started leaving [Danielle] Gant on her, and she was a little bit quieter toward the end of the game except for that three. This was a textbook game for Lawrence, she did everything."

On playing GW.
"Not enough Top 25 teams risk playing each other. We have to worry about the Big 12 South now. Joe always plays one of the hardest schedules in the country because he walks through his conference pretty easily. But this is what makes him tough in the NCAA. He's one of the most underrated coaches in the country. That match-up zone -- you think you know what you're going to do against it -- they were taking away our perimeter and we were doing a poor job of handling the basketball. The best thing we could do in the second half was get it inside."

Texas A&M forward Patrice Reado
Did Sarah-Jo Lawrence's shot change the momentum?
"I really felt we had the momentum going into overtime. They hadn't scored in the last three minutes of the game, and I thought our defensive pressure would help us overcome that and help us win the game."

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